Amara is in turmoil (or Durmoil, whichever you prefer). Fire dragons are rising again from the Creemoor province, bringing death and destruction to Ordray and southern Wynd. Bisonbeck and grawlig armies are storming the land, beating back Paladin's forces. Only a hardened core of individuals have taken a stand: Wizards, Paladin, and a handful of others. But the tide is turning. Will the once-proud nation be able to weather the dark onslaught?

So, I have a lot of work to do with this community, but I don't have the time or the motivation to do it right now. So I'm going to be ignoring this community until I can work on it, but I won't delete it just yet.

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Nikita's riding on Saphira. Flying is one of the few times when she can truly just let it go, and forget about all her troubles, if only for a little while. Just then, her peace is broken by some commotion below her. She peers down, and shakes her head when she sees some sort of frenzy. I wonder what it is...? She pats Saphira on the neck lightly, and signals for her to take a quick landing in the vicinity, but out of sight of the people.

Idraigir's flying castle is all decorated for the celebration. The lighting and effects outside duplicate the effect of small suns, and the glass domes of the castle reflect it. Dragons flit about, carrying passengers onto the landing pads and entrance hall, and themselves going to the stables. Wizard Idraigir stands in the entrance hall, greeting guests as they come through the gateway and the 20-foot entry doors.

Just a friendly reminder, but the party in Idraigir's castle is on the 10th, from whatever time it starts to however long it takes to end.

There will be a formal Wizards' Conclave after

((An event invite))
Across the land, clouds float into houses, disgorging messages as they come in contact with certain people
"Sky Wizard Idraigir Elias cordially invites you to a party in his castle on June Tenth of this year. Minor dragons will be sent with tangible messages for those who request them, but the general address is in Kringlen, Wynd. Ask at the Kringlen General Inn for the gateway, and you will find yourself in the entrance hall of my castle. Of course, you could fly by dragon, but that's only for those who own them... oh, bother, I seem to have lost my train of thought. I will terminate the message before I make even more of a fool of myself."
The cloud dissipates

Name: Idraigir Elias
Race: Doneel
Wizardry: Sky Wizard
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Hair: Short, golden brown.
Height: 4'1"
Eyes: Green with flecks of blue mixed in.
Strengths: WIZARDRY!
                     Affinity to dragons
                     Tactical abilities
                     A big honkin' castle
Weaknesses: Never wants to leave dragons or a cozy fire
Likes: Dragons, books, flashy spells, his castle.
Dislikes: Creemoor, quests, wasteful spells
Other: Uses a big [doneel] greatsword as an offensive weapon, other than spells.
             Owns nearly half the glowrock mines in Wynd and Trese.

Dragon #1
Name: Roni
Gender: Male
Type: Minor
Age: 2 years
Personality: The leader of Idraigir's fair of minor dragons. He is fairly bossy, and takes personal responsibility for every minor dragon in his flight.
Color: Red (Fire)

Dragon #2
Name: Petra
Gender: Female
Type: Minor
Age: 1 year, 7 months
Personality: Though she is not a Funny Dragon, Petra constantly makes jokes about everything. She is Roni's sister, and shares a special bond with him.
Color: Pink

Dragon #3
Name: Daina
Gender: Female
Type: Minor
Age: 1 year, 2 months
Personality: Always has to prove she can do everything the boys can. Being one of the younger ones, she usually lags behind.
Color: Blue-and-green (Auras)

Dragon #4
Name: Otar
Gender: Male
Type: Minor
Age: 1 year
Personality: The "strongdragon" of the group. He is the largest, and protects the girls from Roni's playfulness.
Color: Brown

Dragon #5
Name: Berun
Gander: Male
Type: Greater
Age: 2 years
Personality: Idraigir's "go-to" dragon. The best flier of the group, he is at home in Idraigir's flying castle. He is endeared to the minor dragons, and lets them rest on his wings while he is sleeping.
Color: Orange and red

Dragon #6
Name: Vera
Gender: Female
Type: Major
Age: 2 years
Personality: A shy, tame dragon. She usually keeps to the stables of the castle, but will go out on her own for days at a time.
Color: Blue and violet

Dragon #7
Name: Geril
Gender: Male
Type: Major
Age: 2 years
Personality: Brother to Vera. He is a more boisterous version of her, telling jokes nearly as much as Petra.
Color: Blue

This is a giant floating castle. The architecture mainly employs translucent domes, all branching out from the main hall. There are stables, a gateway room, a main watchtower, and a great hall. The only way to get to the castle by foot is through a gateway, in a smaller building in northern Wynd. By air, it is marked on most maps, several miles south and up from Vendela. There are landing pads for dragons adjoining the stables, which have a capacity of a dozen greater dragons.

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Name: Elspeth  Savoye (Elle's-Beth)
Race: O'rant
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair: Long, Wavy and Bronze
Height: 5"8'
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Chestnut Bronze
Personality: Friendly, Brave, Cheerful, Open Minded, Funny, Gentle, Protective and Helpful
Strengths: She is very good at making friends mainly because she is always kind, she has a very strong bond with all her dragons, and she is a very good escape artist
Weaknesses: Can be over confident when doing things and tends to over think things, she is also not the strongest fighter because of her kind and gentle personality and last she doesn't like being alone
Likes: I love to read, play with my dragons, go on adventures, looking at scenery and making new friends
Dislikes: I dislike people who are mean and offend me, my friends, or my dragons, also being alone
Other: I am a Dragon Keeper and Mindspeaker, and all my dragons are the only family I have and we act all together like a family

Dragon #1
Dragon's name: Solaira (Soul/air/ah)
Type: Minor 
Gender: Female
Age: 1 year 6 months
Personality: Very Intelligent, Fast-Thinker, Shy, Kind, and Helpful
Appearance: She is small and Pink
Strengths: She is very smart because I read a lot with her, and she also is a friendly and gentle dragon
Weaknesses: Trying not to read constantly and is shy when meeting people
Likes: READING!!! Nature, and Flying
Dislikes: She doesn't like the rain and lightning
Other: Not really

Dragon #2
Dragon's name: Rainstram
Type: Minor
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year 11 months
Personality: Rowdy, Clumsy, Smart, Wise, and Rough
Appearance: Small; His scales are the color of blue and green, the green is a sweet grass color and the blue is the color of the sky
Strengths: He is very good at reading peoples arura's, flying, and 
Weaknesses: He doesn't like to stay silent and is the one who gets the most in trouble
Likes: being loud, looking at people personalities, and his "family"
Dislikes: getting lost or caught
Other: nothing, I don't think? 

Dragon #3
Dragon's name: Laloes (Lay/ohs)
Type: Minor
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years 1 month
Personality: Loving, Playful, Loud, Fast-Thinker, and Confident
Appearance: Purple
Strengths: Singing and memorize things, and Making people happy
Weaknesses: She never listens to people who say to stop singing, humming and really does't like the dark
Likes: singing, sleeping and adventures
Dislikes: the dark...she hates it...
Other: She has the most loving personality of all my dragons

Dragon #4
Dragon's name: Seropine (Sear/os/pean)
Type: Minor
Gender: Female
Age: 1 year
Appearance: Green
Personality: Helpful, Thoughtful, Quiet, and Wise
Strengths: Healing, being helpful and escaping
Weaknesses: Being to open and wanting to heal everything that is hurt
Likes: She loves to be helpful and seeing people safe
Dislikes: She doesn't like to see people hurt who she cant heal
Other: She often stays around Cromatic and sorta copied his personality

Dragon #5
Dragon's name: Atrix
Type: Minor
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year 
Personality: Cheerful, Loud, Entertaining, Joke-ster, and Crazy
Appearance: Orange
Strengths: Making people laugh and great at entertaining
Weaknesses: gets over confident at some things he does
Likes: Seeing people happy and friendly torwards him
Dislikes: People who are sad and mean 
Other: He always entertains us when we are bored on journeys and adventures

Dragon #6
Dragon's name: Cromatic
Type: Major
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years 9 months
Personality: Quiet, Tough, Wise, Stern, Protective, and Strong
Appearance: His scales and claws are black and the tips of his wings and spines are crimson
Strengths: He is a great protector and fighter and he is usually the one to look after all the minor dragons besides me.
Weaknesses: Way too protective 
Likes: Seeing everyone safe and not hurt
Dislikes: Seeing people hurt and people who don't like him
Other: He guards us and fights in case we get in trouble

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I'm walking in a forest on my way to the city of Vandela with my minor dragons playing around my feet and Chromatic (My major dragon) walking behind me

Okay, I'm officially back. Though I do have some projects I need to finish, so I may still be online less than normal.
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