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Welcome my warriors and kits....







You have to make a profile...

On your profile

You have to tell us your cat's name

Your cat's age

Tell us if your a warrior, a kit, a appreciate or a deputy

Tell us your cat's family

Tell us it's mate... if has a mate

What clan your in....

And you can add more if you want....


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Name: Shadestripe
Age: 25 moons
Gender: Female
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Shadowclan
Apprentice: (Open)
Mate: None
Family: Unknown
Crush: secret
Perso: Depends on her mood, but has a quick temper and is loyal
Breed: Maine Coon

(Art by: Jolly Totadile 2004)

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Name: breezeclaw
age:  13 moons old
clan: wind clan
Gender: she-cat
<its almost i dont want to some other things>
father: < dont want to say>
siblings: < dont want to say>
.i an independent i dont even want anybody in my life.
Personality: independent and swift
Likes: to hunt, and run threw the grasslands.
Dislikes: cats from other clans that are tresspassing in to wind clan and other clans, kittypets and two-legs.

Her skills are...
hunting % 98
swiftness % 100
 leadership % 80
-stealh: % 12
-strenght: % 99
-swimming:<im sorry it is a 0 i dont like my fur beeing wet>
-Climbing: % 89
scenting: % 100
She is:
Pure withe with gold eyes
 and a long tail
. Love to eat the ravens X3.

you see me a hill I look at you (rp open)

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(Roleplay with +Crash the bandicoot spyro dragon Warrior Cat gamer​)
we are both sleeping in the aprentice den when suddenly you wake up because you're thirsty when you see that I'm having nightmares and then you can suddenly see those nightmares and then you... (1st pic is shadowclan, 2nd pic on top is you dead and 3rd one is me becoming evil*

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Name: nightsdawn
Gender: female
Clan: the shadow clan
Age: 12 (in cats years)

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open to RP. If you RP, they are new to the clan and are still trying to get used to clan life and the code.

Hopefully, this is a lot kinder to experienced Rpers than the other one I was in

To be safe, if Deputies are not allowed, I can make her just a warrior. In my own series, she is a deputy of my clan (Amberclan) But I'll fix her rank and change her clan to fit this community.
Remember, I'll respect you if you respect me, that's something the other community didn't understand.

Name: MeadowClaw
Age: 50+ moons (over 18 in cat years and over a year in human)
If my own is allowed): Amberclan
If I must stick to canon): RIverclan
Mother: Dapple (Rogue)
Father: Coppermist (Medicine cat. If not allowed, he's a warrior)
Past life: Meadowclaw's parents had her and her two siblings (Shadowear and Treeclaw) in the outside of the territories. Her father knew what to do and helped her mother survive before having to go back to camp to not look suspicious. Later in her life, she was told to leave with her siblings to the clan and claim that they were orphans to gain a spot in the clan. Meadowclaw took her brother (Treeclaw) and ran with her sister (Shadowear) to the nearest clan. She told the lie and found themselves into their new clan. Their father mentored Shadowear (shadowpaw at the time) and Meadowclaw (Meadowpaw) was mentored by the leader. Her brother is a warrior in training as well.

Her life now: She is now the deputy of Amberclan/Riverclan and serves her clan with respect and care like her mother did to her. All cats trust her and her claws only come out during a fight. Her leader tells her that one day she will be an amazing leader.

Open to RP but they are young and still clueless to the clan code and laws

Name: Shadowear
Age: 50+ moons (over 18 in cat years and over a year in human)
(If my own is allowed): Amberclan
(If I must stick to canon): RIverclan
Mother: Dapple (Rogue)
Father: Coppermist (Medicine cat. If not allowed, he's a warrior)

Past life: Once Her mother wished to give her a better life along with her younger siblings, she told Shadowpaw (at the time) to run to the nearest clan and claim they were orphans. The clan was skeptical for a while before finally giving her their trust. Her father took up the option of mentoring her, given the idea that Shadowpaw wanted to follow her "dead" father's steps. When a battle flooded the camp, Shadowpaw dashed into action and saved the leader that was seconds from a fatal blow. The elders and the leader spoke about allowing Shadowpaw/ear to fight if it was only needed. Shadowear was granted the first ever Warrior/Med cat.

Her life now: She trains as a medicine cat 90% of the time and watches the warriors train 10% of the time at night. She only has a few more things to learn before being able to fully focus on fighting.

Hi :-)

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(rp for one person) you see a cat on top of a hill you slowly walk to her,you see the cat turn to look at you when u break a small stick and you....
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