Where can I find the specification for the XML files? I need to generate an XML file for a Bible translation so I can import it into VerseView.

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There are many issues with the Afrikaans version (1953).
Special characters are not properly shown, for example take these words from Colossians 4:
Onésimus -> On,simus
Aristárchus -> Arist rchus
Épafras -> pafras
Laodicéa -> Laodic,a
Hiërápolis -> Hiër polis
Archíppus -> Arch¡ppus

That's terrible.

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openBibleViewer is a bible study tool.

* reading ZenfaniaXML-Modules
* over 180 ZenfaniaXML-Modules available via the Moduledownloader

and more.....


Hello and thanks for the great work!.. are there any plans for a Syriac version? more specifically a Syriac-English translation - such as Lamsa (public domain)?


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If there is a vpl-textfile available we could convert it to XML.....

Do you have a text file?

Is there already the new Luther Bible 2017 as an xml module?
gibt es die neue Luther Bible 2017 schon als Zefania xml Modul?

Are all bibles in the folder free to download and distribute?

hi everyone! do you have the slovak bible version ...www.bible.sk ...I would like to add it to some presentation program church but I cant find anything in this language...help please ! God bless you!
I am trying with open song, easyworship, media shout....

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Hi Tom, do you know about the copyright status for the Smith Van Dyke Arabic Bible that you use? In the XML is see this:
<publisher>Free Bible Software Group</publisher>
<contributors>The Bible Technologies Group</contributors>
But I can't work out this electronic version is public domain or not.

hi all i am programmer from Egypt and need XML Arabic Bible with formation to use i my new program that present songs and bible in Arabic
anyone can help??
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