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Leader- Deathbelle
Second in Command- Vixen ((+I'm a fangirler Beware  is that ok?))
Clan Members- Thunder, Ruby, Drago, Jinx

The way this clan works is that Deathbelle is leader, she has her second hand man that is always at her side to protect and advise her. All other members are pretty much equal, although the older ones and more well known are always favored. 

Hey, is this community still active? I just joined and it seems like a pretty cool place

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Okay so most of the post I see are either people that are leaving or roleplays that never get used. I've been going through the communities that I moderate or own and most are now dead. My goal is to get them going again so I'm going to do everything in my power to get this community back in business. Please help me out by roleplaying as much as you can and just having fun.

+Phoebe Ann, hey I'm sorry but I have to leave this community.
I've been tidying up my communities and this one was pretty inactive, both my and the community.
This one I considered for a long time.
~Love from Nature.

Open Thunderclan rp

Skyheart padded out of the Warriors den into the crisp, cold air that stung her nose. The moon was high in the sky and she slunk out of camp to clear her mind, nodding kindly to the guard of the camp entrance as he let her through. As she neared the lake in the center of the territories, she heard a rustling sound behind her and turned around, alarmed, to see...

Open Thunderclan rp

Skyheart felt on top of the world. I'm a warrior! she squealed excitedly So you should start to act like one. a joking voice meowed behind her, and she whipped around, licking her chest fur in embarrassment.

Which two cats would be my parents based on personality?



Oakstar took a deep breath and looked about at his clan. They were good cats and he was glad to be there leader. He saw Skypaw bound over to the elders den with two mice dangling by their tails in her mouth. She'll make a fine warrior Oakstar thought to himself before sighing and leaping up onto High Rock. Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather under here for a clan meeting!
((+Rebecca Feuerstein +Bʟɪᴢᴢᴀʀᴅ M. Wᴏʟғʀɪᴄsᴏɴ +I'm a fangirler Beware +Mädchen Vom Lande))

If you don't mind, I have one request before I leave. +Phoebe Ann could Skypaw become a warrior please?
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