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Thanks for all the help over the past few weeks voting.  We're closing the vote now, but hopefully you'll be happy to hear that a resounding 83% of the (over 1,000!) votes were Yes.  We're now sharing our holding page, so please show your support and register your interest at the link below.  We're currently looking for investment and are hoping to launch the website early in the new year.  If you're interested in investing or know anyone that might be, then let us know!

Thanks again.

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If there was a website/app which recommended people, places, events and organisations based around your interests (like this one) and location, and let you discuss anything about your interests online, would you register and use it?
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Understanding the Various Parts of a Dirt Bike

Quad bikes or dirt bikes can be described as motorcycle like vehicles that have four large wheels. Read more-

#QuadBike #PolarisIndia #DirtBike

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Unbeatable Off-Roading with Polaris RANGER RZR

The aggressively styled #PolarisRanger RZR®emanates power and functionality. The rugged look, sturdy built, design language and strategic engineering make the bike stand out amongst all its other counterparts. Read more-

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Hey guys. Contact me to order your pair of Gator Waders. Also don't forget your wife or gal pal either. We carry a full line of waders for men and women. Visit Facebook page Authorized Dealer for Gator Waders or email me for more information
Wendie :)
Gator Waders
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