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These are the Hollows. Only Tom can see them. They are invisible to everyone else.


No sex or swearing

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RP with +Mario

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Name: Shadow

Age: 21

Powers: guns

Weapons: Military Grade

World: Sonic The Hedgehog

Fav drink: any alcohol

Crush: maria

Relationship status: single

Bio: He came here after he found out robotik's plan. He brought maria with him too... worried...

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Name: Nate

Age: Unknown (looks 17)

Powers: Can manipulate anything (Space,Time,People,Objects), Able to become/ Impersonate anyone,

Weapons: Unknown

Crush: None

Relationship status: Single


Pic: 1st is him
Others are what he as transformed into in the past
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Name: Maria

Age: 21

Powers: (same as shadow)

Weapons: None

World: Sonic The Hedgehog

Fav drink: None

Crush: Shadow

Relationship status: single

Bio: she came here with after he found out robotik's plan.
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RP Part 3 with +Mario

Maria and shadow were looking trying to find a way to stop robotik +Mario

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Name: "Um..Paige..I think.."
Age: "Uhhhh..19.. In wolf years I was older.."

Powers: "EARS. JUST EARS. NOTHING ELSE." Transforming back and forth between a wolf and a human.

Weapons: "What's a weapon? Is it food?!" :O

Fav drink: "Water! So cold and refreshing.."

Crush: "Why would I want to crush someone?! That would hurt them! Or me!"
Relationship Status: "..I don't understand.."

Personality: ADHD. Usually in a good mood, kind, caring, bold, ears twitch when she is mad or annoyed.

Bio: Paige originally was just a normal wolf, part of a pack. One day, she randomly turned into her human form as her pack was under attack. After her pack quickly realized she was human, they ditched her. Paige is able to transform back and forth, but it's random and quite painful for her. She is a very clueless person, due to the fact she grew up as a wolf. Paige often is confused by certain terms, words, or actions. Because she never saw a lot of things humans do, she gets overexcited. Which is why people say she's ADHD.

In a hallway, Paige was playing with a water fountain. "WATER COMES FROM A BUTTON?!" Many other people gave her a weird looks. "It's a magic button!!"
* o *
She continued to press the button on and off, staring at the water coming out.

A few months had passed it came to the time where mia, Tracy, and Donna had to get to work which ment leaving the boys and may alone mia was very concerned but knew she had to leave so she left taruki to help
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