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Today I explore one of the many Skyrim Special Edition Mods available to Xbox One. This mod comes Jam Packed with lots of Cheats and Content that could not be accessed in the vanilla game.

I just lost my Skyrim game because the disc got a hole from the laser in my console πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯. But hey I still have my Oblivion game to play so it isn't all bad 😊😊😊.

My Nord named Thor Frostwind is a Spellsword who is a Brawler in the Arena, Associate of the Fighters Guild, & Associate of the Mages Guild, still early days in the game.

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New Skyrim video! Mercer Frey saving my ass time after time...

I having playing Oblivion for a good while now and I have found Oblivion to be more enjoyable than Skyrim not to say Skyrim isn't a good game if though I played Skyrim first. Oblivion just more to do & better stories and quests. I am the only one who thinks that? PS my Email Scrolls race is Dark Elves or Summer.

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What is your favorite race in the Elder Scrolls game series? Mine is the Nords.
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Dark Elves
Others ( comment )

Question, if I wanted to play the games in chronological order, aka, in order of the dates they occurred in the history of Tanriel... In what order would I be playing the games? Not including ESO.

Join my community called Warriors Of Tamrial well you don't have too but you can if you want up to you :)
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