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[The Beginning of the End.

A loud snore was the only thing heard from Scarlet, currently fast asleep next to Tobi, surprisingly, not in bed with him. Her head was flopped backward over the chair she currently sat in. She didn't NEED to sleep, but it was a peasantry.

The earlier awakening of the being called Susano'o had done little more than cause her to roll over, though it had done a jumpstart to Tobi, entirely possible the wound from Ouroboros reacting to the transformation.

Kira, on the complete other hand, had felt something sharp. Her near constant exposure to chaotic energy had given her a sixth sense, able to sense large quantities of it.

And Susano'o was practically oozing it.

It occurred to her Raze, Chrome, Erza and Scarlet should've been able to feel such a thing- Hell, they probably did- but chose to ignore it.

Instead, she sat on the balcony of their motel room, staring out at the swirl of green and black storm clouds.]
( By +Hazama​)

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Title: Judgement Day: The Reaper of Chaos Continues his Onslaught.
After the altercation with Waru and Razor, the spiritual medium of chaos energy and all things destructive ( Terumi ) shed his human form and became Susano'o. In his wake, he killed Waru and created an explosion even more deadly than ten nuclear strikes at once. Razor's body is on the brink of death, he lays in a pool of negative energy somewhere that slowly eats him away. Tobi is resting from battle at the house with Scarlet, Erza, and Kira. Raze was somewhere, talking to his...berserk side. Tyrone was following Susano'o, but he had stopped in his tracks. He knew he had to stop at one place so he'd know what was going on. The badger flew towards the direction of Lykos expecting to get answers from his uncle.
( +Hazama+Kelly Fulmen​)
//Hey, the post isn't exactly open but you can feel free to comment where your characters are and what they're doing, how they're reacting to this. The atmosphere is dangerous and will most likely kill them.
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Back at the invaders kingdom
Soldier:We can't take over shadowlands becuz we gotta get through the Black Death dragons or "The shield of shadowlands" and the griffins our forces will be destroyed! The dragons have taken over half our empire in days!
???:An all out assault we will every kingdom at once... I have Titans and Soldiers... Heheh they will bow to me... Back at the kingdom
+V.I. Nghiem

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Wakes up from hibernation My gosh, Looks around for my hoard oh thank Dragonus my hoard is still here, Grubsh wake up you Idiot! Flicks him on the head and wakes up
Deathwing: Tilts his head
Grubsh:Good morning master, Just had a dream about something
Deathwing:Oh okay, well I'm going to the kingdom it's been a while, Gets my armor and flies to the kingdom

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"Get lost, you damn punk!"

Scarlet skidded against the pavement as she was thrown from the local arcade, forcing herself up and against the glass door as she shouted against it.

HEY! That damn thing is rigged! Just gimme my damned money back!

"You 'nt even pay anythin! Get lost!"

Her fists balled, before gripping at her bangs, stamping at the ground, agitated. She took a few steps away, muttering under her breath about cheap bullshit. It's the badger's fault, "oh don't kill people". Little pussy bitch. Lucky he was hot.


She pouted. If she couldn't do anything- someone else could.

+Quart, The Obi Wan Shinobi.
+Kelly Fulmen

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and one for the boy

C'mon already! It's gonna get dark out!

Scarlet tromped forward, dragging the badger behind her what looked hard enough to break his arm. A grin was spread across her face as she ran through the sand on the beach, the ocean tainted a deep red from the setting sun. She finally stopped, dropping Tobi as she put her hands on her hips expectantly.

Alright, show me the stone-skippin thing. And make it quick.

Though she was clearly attempting to sound tough, the wide grin gave away that she was likely still messing with Tobi. Hell, she might not've cared at all.

+Quart, The Obi Wan Shinobi.
+Kelly Fulmen

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Okay, so I'm nearly done on setting up/updating my characters, all that I have left is to draw them.

I want to draw each of them separately, but that'll take some time.

I'm thinking about using a collection to store all of my profiles, then updating each seperately.

But, in order to keep myself from spamming this community with profile posts and such, I'll just keep a link to my OCs here:

So should we continue using this community until everyone else joins, or post in the new one?

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Title: An Armored Beast
Time: 5:47 PM
_Date: 23rd November, 20XX
Song title: (For the battle) Liaquo - Crystal Corruption

It was the almost night time at the Shadowlands. Alfa was on his way back home after working hard on his Blacksmith shop. An unknown voice can be heard from him. Not that far. He looked around cautiously. Once he went to the source of the voice, he saw a huge armored beast-like in this pic- destroying the trees with his bare hands. It shouted hard. Alfa hid on the trees.

"Crap.. This isn't good. I'll have to try to defeat it before it reaches the Town..."

((Open. Wait for Quartney to go first.))
+Quartney Orr, The God of Churros
//Since you've wanted a roleplay, then here it is.

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Name: Times Change
Location: Crow Household, 2 years later...Danni's alehouse, Feydrer Town, 2 miles west of Ravenberg.
Status: CANON

Julian slams the door to his house open. He is covered in blood and his bones are visible. He walks into the living room and collapses on the ground. A girl rushes to his side from the couch. She's wearing pajamas and her name...Is Laura. Daughter of Julian Crow and Aurora Shine, just 15 years old.

She gets him to a hospital and lets the doctors take over. A week later she is by his side. He's reflecting on life. His legs are crippled and is forced to retire.

2 years later...

42 years ago, Julian Crow would sit at a pub like this, boasting about how he broke the skull of a scumbag lawyer he was hired to kill, or ramble on and on after having too much of the good stuff. Nowadays things have changed. The bar seems empty without the boasting Mercenaries and gambling jerkwards. Now it's just quiet old folk.

At one table, a girl about the age of 17 is sharpening her claws while the rabbit infront of her is taking a nap. They stand out like a sore thumb, and actract the attention of Shadowlands most well known

Queen Aurora "Muffin" Shine has left the community. All of her characters will be divided up between +Hazama​​, +Quartney Orr, The God of Churros​, and +Kelly Fulmen
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