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I think is brilliant.
It has really useful courses that you can do at your own pace and at a convenient time.Everyone should use it.

Top 5 courses
These are the 5 most popular courses since was launched. It will be interesting to see how these change over time.
1. Programming Foundations: Fundamentals
2. Learning Music Notation
3. Learning Java
4. Learning Minitab
5. Programming Foundations: Object-Oriented Design

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We have some posters available, hopefully you'll see them around the University. If you'd like any for your areas please let me know.

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New courses on this week
Every week add 20+ new courses to their library. Check here for the latest learning opportunities.

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How digitally capable are you?

Use the digital capability discovery tool to work out your proficiency in different areas. The discovery tool gives you the opportunity to find out more about your own digital capability through a series of reflective questions.

Completing the questions will give you an opportunity to reflect on your confidence and capability in each area of digital capability, and provide feedback including a summary of your digital profile; suggested actions you can take to build your capability further; and links to resources that you can use to support your development.

You will be able to map many of the findings back to courses on If you'd like to discuss your findings or have further questions please feel free to get in touch.

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Create and manage playlists
Use a playlist to suggest useful courses and videos to your students or colleagues. Or create playlists to manage your own learning.

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The all staff email announcing has gone out today. Please spread the word.

We will be following up with drop ins and briefing sessions, you'll see information on digital signage and in the staff development bulletins. There will be posters going up in open access areas, if you'd like any for your common areas please let me know.
Photo Drop ins
Tuesday 8th 2pm to 4.30pm, Friday 11th 10am to 1pm
St Andrews Court, Portsmouth (IT Training Room 0.21, Ground Floor, Block 5)

Come along any time on the 8th or 11th, have a go and get any queries answered around to help you get the most from it. Briefing sessions will also be arranged near the start of term. can be used in the following ways:

Students and staff are about to get access to, an on-demand library of high-quality instructional videos covering a vast range of software, business and creative skills. With more than 5,000 courses taught by industry experts - and more added every week - is designed for all levels of learners, and it’s available whenever you’re ready to learn.

Lecturers and tutors - to support students including distance learners, content can be embedded into Moodle

Students - to access learning resources anytime from any device and to develop employability skills.

Staff - to support the PDR process and continuous professional development

Find more information at

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Case Study: Software tutorials using
This case study looks at how is being used in Architecture to support students to learn 3D modelling software.
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