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Romans 9:8 "They who are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the descendants." We come in threes instead of two by two days in the days of Noah..

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In all authority of Christ your brother Scott and by the power of God speak unto the all children of God as your apostle in truth. In love...

Many fall away or are in a deep sleep of unbelief... This is a awake up call to any who seek to know God and his way... God created all things and see saw it as good... Yet man handed God's authority over them for a false way of life... Now Christ taken back that authority of life or death... So are you Spiritually blind? I say believe God.. Are you self deceived? Again I say, Believe God... Don't believe what you think God is and know him by his reflect of the law and the prophets and know the truth is in Christ...Be a light unto the world... Many have oil in old skins but never been lit by Christ.. many have oil in old skins but leak out quick..Hear what the spirit says to the church of Christ!

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Then I heard another voice from heaven say: "'Come out of her, my people,' so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues." Revelations 18:4

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To those who couldn't be there.. let it be known that the mercy of God saved this man...
To those who couldn't be there.. let it be known that the mercy of God saved this man...

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Anyone please keep me in prayer. I'm so depressed I don't want to go any further. I've lost all sight. Please keep me in prayer

Greetings in the name of Jesus!
I awoke this morning with the song on my mind "Jesus I'll Never forget what you've done for me "
I realize it is very easy to tell the Lord you will not forget what he's done for you. But my question to myself this morning was Jesus I'll never forget what you've done for me but how many people will a tell today what you've done for me?
There is a song we used to sing some years back that says I'm Yours Lord everything I am everything I'm not I'm your's try me now and see ; see if I can be completely your's.
I find it very easy to give God the things I don't have Lord if I had to give it to you I would do it for you.
However the Lord is not asking you to give Him what you don't have; He simply wants what you have.
Simply put :If the world is going to see Jesus in me I must first be full of Jesus,

So; Jesus I will nto forget what you have done for me and I shall let my light shine that the world cwn see you and not me,,,,
God less you all is my prayer.
A. Jackson

"It is so easy to quench the Holy Spirit that you must remain dead.. This being in order for the Spirit to quicken you to the truth. Yet if we don't have the love for it; we can do anything and claim it be of God's doing; yet still be completely blind and deaf in our own unbelief."-Bro Scott

"If we aren't able to be taught by our needs; we become single eyed towards our wants and have need of nothing. Our need of God must be greater above all of ourselves, anyone, or anything of the world. Have we fully come to the full end of self and seek after one who is the promise if we draw near to him? We must stop lying to ourselves and trust the Lord! This brings us to a renewing of our mind and heart by becoming teachable by and in of his Spirit. Everything is made new with Christ! Remember no one can know all the things of God, but you can grow in grace because your available to be moved by God. So have you truly received the testimony of God's true grace or just proclaiming to walk in it?" -Brother Scott Jetton

"The bible is just like learning how to read and play by sheet music..🎶 We must be taught by its harmony in correction by the reproofing notes and bringing us to embrace the notes full sound. Yet many Churches in America only produce a melody but not the harmony to the notes on the page. Some believe they play like Mozart but sadly they can't even keep up on the tempo. Only those who can be the director could hear they need to be reformed and brought back to the harmony's true foundation. Yet only the leaders see the sells are good but the folks are leaving deaf and not able to hear afterwords.. Yet the director is now muted and has no effect on the church.. To those who have ears let them hear!!!"
As a Christ is my Lord and my savior; Called unto God as a Prophet and Brother Scott Jetton.

It's always free to email me or to comment a question or anything you need help on.. I'm here to help but not to make you do.. That's your part..
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