Moving my oddmuse installation to a new webspace (it uses Plesk). I do not get oddmuse to work. It returns a 0 byte response. No entry in the error.log file. I use the current version. other perl skript work.

Any idea how I can troubleshoot this? I cannot run it from the command line (shared webhosting, ssh is permitted but "perl" not available in shell)

when I add "DoWikiRequest();" at the end of the wrapper script (because ENV{MOD_PERL}="mod_perl/2.0.8"), I get a http 503. still no error log. With action=version I get a 503, too.

This is when I build a script that prints out information that mimicks "action=version"


Perl v5.18.2


CGI: 3.63

LWP::UserAgent 6.05



diff: diff (GNU diffutils) 3.3

diff3: diff3 (GNU diffutils) 3.3

so no XML modules Is that any problem?

I've changed the UTF-8 handling again. It has worked for me for the last few days, now. This still doesn't solve all the problems, unfortunately. If you run the tests you'll find that one of the encoding errors still shows up about half the time you run the tests. Very annoying!

Oddmuse.css broken? The calendar in the journal ("month:+0") shows underlined links, not the usual color-coded links. Any idea?
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