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For All New Members Welcome to Dragon Role Play. Our Kingdom's name is Dragonology, I am Queen, but need a king and many other things in this kingdom. Down below, you may audition to be a king, duke, princess, prince, Judge, a relative of the high court, and if you'd like to be a villager, then you do not have to audition. though you must comment a question saying "May I be a member of dragonology?"
When you have been accepted into the kingdom, you must set up a profile including the following: A picture of what you look like, your name, your age, and what class you are in (Fire, water, earth, or wind). my profile will be posted down below for an example. When we have a good amount of everything, I will begin the story. Welcome all!!!!

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Available King if needed or where ever you need Me!
Name; Hurricane
Age: 96
Size: 80/431 ft
Class: Wind/Ice/Water
Ability:To manipulate the winds and weather of my surroundings, and Med-Range Telekinesis(weak)

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Name: Queen Ava

Age: 120

Class: Wind/earth

Power: I have the ability to grow in size, and to have scales or feathers. I use fireflies as messengers. My tail glows on command. and a gold stone sits between my eyes as a crown.

About: A Queen who is fair, kind to all, rules with all her strength. and looks out for the best for her kingdome.
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Name : Isaac Tornbane
Age : 35
Class : wind

Power : I have the ability to manipulate the air around me, I use my abilities to move things like books or chemicals by making wind around. I also enjoy conditioning microclimates... Oh, and I have a night vision.

About me : I'm a young scientist with many ideas to make the world better.

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Name: Drake Avazo
Age: 14 dragon years (19 human years)
Species: European
Class: blue fire
Position: warrior
Height/length: 6 ft/16 ft
Weight: 140lb
Abilities: blue fire, flight, telepathy(Weak)

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Name: Kulan
Age: 350 human years
Species: Amphithere/Quetzalcoatl
Class: Wind
Position: King of Wind
Height/length: 6ft/120ft
Weight: 1000lb
Abilities: Flight, short-range teleportation, wind manipulation
Bio: Will write one later, I just needed to post this

Hey guys! i am going to post the beging the of the story, once i find a king to rule by my side!!
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