Name: Alcestis "Alpha" Isabella Northcott
Age: 17 1/2
Birthday: March 1st
Godly Parent: Nike
Affilation: Greeks, Hunters
Weapons: throwing knives, bow and arrows, supersonic running speed
Description: cyan eyes, orange-red hair, fair skin tone, snarky but overall nice/competitive attitude, nicknamed "Alpha" because of her determination to win~

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I need help .....I was thinking of making a half-camp community so that people can roleplay and do whatever they want and I'm asking your opinion of what you think
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88% should totally
No......there are way to many communitys

Name: Isabella Swan
Age: 17
Race: Australian (without the accent)
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Physical Appearance: Violet eyes, brown sleek hair, head counsler, fair complexion, can charmspeak
Mental Abilities: Making people think things they don't want to think
Physical Abilities: Archery, capture the flag, sword fighting, and trying to get the perfumed stink out of the Aphrodite cabin.

Name: Isabella Swan
Age: 17
Birthday: I'd prefer not to tell
Race: Caucasian
Godly Parent: Athena
Physical Appearance:
Has violent gray eyes
Long and sleek brown-tan colored hair
Symmetrical face

Name :Charles McKinney
Birthday:March 21 1999
Race: Canadian
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Physical appearance
Stocky build
Dirty blonde hair
212 lbs
Status Year Rounder
Weapons: Bow and arrow, Mace

I'm new here's my bio
Name:Josh petty
Race:Canadian Asian
Former home:fort sky (recently over -run)
Parents:Poseidon,ling sheu
Secrets:made a pact with nemesis

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This what John looks like and wears
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Name: John Fredericks


Godly parent:Zues, blessed by Poseidon

Likes:surfing,swimming,art,reading,painting,music,color blue, color yellow, sparks, sports

Dislikes:annoying brats who think they are better than everyone

Powers:can conortol water, can send lighting and other things zues does,

Wepoans:bow and arrows,slicked maces

Personality:kind,smart,funny,crazy around strangers,weird,kind when you get to know him, cold-hearted

Hair color:blond with faint blue

Eye color:.lightning colored

Skin: African American

Friends:none yet

Crush: none yet

Bio: He was born in Harlem and learned how to be tough. His step father left him when he was 4. His mother died when he was 15 in a gang violence accident. He thought he could survive but when food and money we're low. One of Poseidon's horses found him and brought him to camp half blood yesterday
Name:Autumn blackthorn


Godly parent:Poseidon

Likes:surfing,swimming,art,dancing,reading,painting,music,color blue

Dislikes:popular girls,mean boys,darkness

Powers:can conortol water,disapper with water,and other stuff poseidon can do

Wepoans:sword,bow and arrows,daggers

Personality:kind,shy,smart,funny,crazy around strangers,weird,kind when you get to know her

Hair color:light blue

Eye color:blue




Bio:she has a rich family and has 3 sisters and 5 brothers she's the 2nd oldest out of them she's shy and funny and came to camp few days ago
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This is his pet

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~ Profile!~

Name Hi! I say, waving You can call me Leinka!

Age I am 11! It's weird though... sometimes people think I'm like 12 or 13...

Parent Iris

Powers I can kinda almost make rainbows, I guess. And when rainbows appear naturally, it gives me strength.

Personality Let's see... well I try to be kind as much as I can. I know a bit if algebra.... Oh! I am super duper stubborn and good at finding loopholes! And please don't blame me if I'm annoying sometimes... I'm trying not to be. Also I try to be happy most of the time. When I'm not, well... anyways... sometimes I'm really quiet and shy, and I try not to get angry. And I get bored really easily, I like to fiddle with things. And sometimes I get like REALLY hyper. And then if I'm angry... well... nevermind. I can be pretty sensitive... and sometimes dramatic... -I mean, like really! You don't just end books!'

Likes I really like arts and crafts, basically anything cute, nature, baking when I'm not to lazy to do it, writing stories, music, and video games. Though it is sad that electronics aren't allowed at Camp. Oh well, La de da!

Dislikes I really don't like most transportation, or most travel in general. In general, I dislike anything annoying or mean

Strengths well... I can debate kinda well, I am relatively good at math and finding connections between things I guess...

Weaknesses Actually, basically any sport, working efficiently, being nervous, et cetera

Apearance ((She is very tall for her age ((around 5'4 or 5'3, so she sometimes looks older than she is, she has auburn hair that reaches barely past her shoulders. Her eyes are almost rainbow-ish, hazelish greyish, and she has some freckles))

Fatal Flaw Fear I say, slightly shuddering

Fears Well, heights, enclosed spaces, loud noises, crowds, the list goes on

Extra ((Leinka's voice is pretty high-pitched and she squeks or screeches very high pitched when she is excited))

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