Our book club time for this month has come to an end.

Was everybody able to finish the book?

What are some final thoughts in regards to the accidental athlete?

Soooo....I'm thinking about starting a new book discussion for May.

Even if we don't have a ton of discussion, I like the idea of encouraging reading about health, wellness, and fitness (heck, any reading is good) and any discussion is good :)

So I'm going to give this group first dibs on a book selection.

Any suggestions for a May book? I'll take suggestions until April 15th and then pick something and invite everyone on the team again.

I would also love to hear any suggestions for improving or enhancing the group in general.

We are on the last week!

How's everybody doing with wrapping up the book?

So, who in here thinks this guy is their spirit animal?

On the flipside, who is having trouble relating with him?

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Catching up on my read on my two hour flight early this morning!

I am liking it this far

Does anyone else find it odd that there are no pictures?

I would love to see pictures of the author as a child, maybe from his army days, and even now.

Finished....slow at the start, but a great read.

Almost complete. It is a fun read and I relate so well to his own struggles and competitive nature.

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I'm a bit behind as I just wrapped up my studying but I loved this from the introduction.

Let's all touch base and make sure we are on a good pace!

We are scheduled to start Part II today.

How is the pace for everyone?
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