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"Not even death can scare me."

Name: Mr Schrodinger

Real Name: Unknown

Titles and other Aliases:
Mr Chesire,The cat,"C",Chesire Cat,The Plague Doctor,Mr Schrodinger,The man in black,Count Tesla,Ophiuchus.

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Nationality: British

Occupation: Spy

He has long black hair,piercing red eyes and a devilish cat-like grin. He has a tall,slender build.

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 183

He owns a tidy black suit and tie and wears a gas-mask to conceal his face.

Eccentric,secretive and mysterious, he likes to keep his personal life a secret and enjoys cleaning,order and tidiness. He also has a soft spot for cats.

He has a stutter at times that he can't seem to keep under control.
He is noble but also manipulative, his intentions are to keep the world in order and be free from chaos and oppression.

He owns a katana, an m82 sniper rifle,duel mp5ks and duel customized Colt m911.

Notable items:
Chekhov Armory Briefcase
A special briefcase designed to hold multiple weapons and objects, it use to store his firearms.

Schrodinger's Pocket Watch
He also carries around a golden pocket watch with the the Greek letter phi Φ engraved on it. The origins of the watch remains a mystery but it is rumored to be the key to secrets unknown to the rest of the world.

Skills and hobbies:
 A man of many skills and trade he has learned across his life as a spy.
He is well trained in Espionage,Marksmanship,Skilled in several martial arts,Deception,Assassinations,Psychological manipulation and has a degree in bio-chemistry and nuclear physics as well as advanced knowledge of sub-atomic particles.

Intuitive Aptitude - It is not exactly a power but an ability that allows him to understand the structure and operation of complex systems without special education or training,even down to the smallest details of a structure like atoms. He has been gifted with this ability since birth and has honed it well enough to learn several skills and abilities.

It allows him to see the world around him as if it were a clock and discover it's inner workings and tinker with the smallest details.

Migraines - His migraines tend to be severe and causes to him to momentarily lose control of his basic motor functions.

Super OCD - He has a high obsession with cleanliness.

Paranoia - His paranoia gets the best of him and he finds himself unable to trust anyone or form close relationships.

A former scientist who later worked as an agent of an organization known as The Zenith Order. Much of his past is a mystery, since the Solanum virus outbreak happened recently he was sent on a mission by the organization to investigate what started the outbreak and was ordered to purge any of the undead in sight.

Theme: Bestamvsofalltime "Revenge" Anime MV || by Evilspider

Battle Theme: [HQ] abingdon boys school - Howling

Super OCD Theme: Bestamvsofalltime "Chronicles Of The OCD Goth Cowboy Jesus Future Overlord" Anime MV

Name: Artyom
Appearance: Constantly wearing a Hazmat Suit and a Gas Mask
Weapons: Suppressed AK-47 and suppressed Makarov
Bio: Trained with the best of the Spetsnaz, graduated top of his class, rumor says that he got expelled for the rest of his freshmen year for beating a kid within an inch of his life no one actually knows if that happened because no one knows his real name, they just call him Artyom, the rest is unknown
Skill: great head hunter
Personality: A brave mofo
Nationality: Russian
Everything else is unknown

Zombie Survival Entry #2: Class Outbreaks

Class 1: This is low level outbreak and is usually in a small rural area that mainly consists from one to twenty zombies and it usually lasts around twenty four hours to around fourteen days.

Class 2: This is usually in an urban or densely populated rural area that usually has between twenty to a hundred zombies the duration of a class 2 outbreak will last as long as a class 1 outbreak

Class 3: a true crisis that usually posses a number of zombies in the thousands and it will last for possibly several months if not several years  

Class 4: Your f*cked 

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Name: Zuri Sato (pronounced Zoo-ri)
Age: 18
Height: 5'4
Weight: Really Just Try and Ask Her
Skills: She has Eidetic Memory. She is able to accurately recall a large number of images, sounds and objects in and unlimited volume. Meaning that she is very intelligent, and a fast learner. Because her great memory, she is a wonderful drawer. Capable of drawing something she only saw once. Before she dropped out of school she was going to be a great doctor, but found her love in entertaining others. She has studied French, Spanish, polish, Korean and she still plans to learn more.
Biography: At the age of 15 she graduated from high school to go to one of the top colleges in the states. There she studied to become a neurologist. After only two year of work, she was introduced to someone that told her she could be a great model. Having already learned everything she thought she could learn, she dropped out of school to follow her new dream. From there she has entered the entertainment field. (Singing, acting, and dancing). When the virus hit she was number one on all the charts. Her movie, "Till Death DO Us Part" was a hit with everyone all over the world. When the virus hit she was on her third show in her concert when the entire world crashed down. Being famous during the after math had not been easy, but she has pushed her way through it.  She may be young, but she is as tough as nails.

you gais, this is an isolated incident in Pennsylvania the whole world hasn't crashed down the state is locked up as an experiment...just thought you should know.

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Name: Riley Jackson
Age: 18
Group: None yet.
Bitten?: Not
Likes: Comic books, her bow.
Dislikes: Betrayal.
Good at: Archery. Very rarely misses. Art:Draws when able, sometimes of fallen walkers. She has a good eye for spotting things, so she usually finds something when scavenging.
Family: Dead, all of the close relatives.
Bio: Riley had been running cross country for her school when people had started turning. She was grabbed by a walker, but she was quick and strong and managed to knock it off. She ran home, and was calling out for her parents and younger sister, only to find them in the large bedroom, her father holding a revolver in his hand, and holding his wife and his daughters hand, all of them with bullet holes in their heads.
Riley has been wandering around the globe for the last few years, just trying to survive, only travelling lightly with essential supplies, a Glock 17, and her bow, and spear
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(( Hmm, Interesting Community owo.. Sounds fun<3 ))
Name: Teisuya Nishisama

Age: 15

Race:  Human, Japanese.

Height: 5" 4;

Weight: 120 lbs.

Appearance: Dark brown hair, Brown eyes that fade to red. ( Mostly depending on her mood and actions. ^^; )

Personality: Tei can be very quiet and timid, But of course she can become very Violent in a matter of seconds. 

Skills: Tei is able to persuade just about anyone to her own advantage when needed. Her innocent voice makes almost anything believable. ~

Clothing: Her favorite red scarf, and usually her old school uniform.

equipment:  Tei uses a small pocket knife, along with a small concealed Pistol. She absolutely refuses to pull any of them out, Unless Death is near. However She does carry around a kendo sword at all time to distance herself from the Undead.

Notable items: Her red hair pins, and her Small pet kitten (Nyaoga).

Bio: Tei was born on october 13, on friday. She often gets teased a lot from her date of birth from her classmates and enemies. Tei wears a smile most of the time, but usually you can find her alone with tears in her eyes. Both of her parents Died during the first outbreak, three months ago. She was very shaken up by watching her own Parents being eaten alive in her own home. From this Life changing event it very well changed her outlook on life. So she often tends to be very quiet and untrusting. However, there are few people whom she loves dearly. Tei also has a small kitten (Which was her family pet before the infection. ) Named Nyaoga. Teisuya has a soft spot for cute things, such as animals. (Mostly Cats. ). She is very capable of protecting herself in sticky situations. In her past High School she was the President of the Kendo, and Gymnastics club. Although Tei may seem very Boring and heartless, She is still very cute and lovable at times.
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im vietnamese LOL 

((Anyone out there want to rp))

{Zuri~ once she stopped hearing the screams she opens the door from her dressing room pecking out H-Hello? I-is anyone there. she clinching a aluminum bat that she found. }
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