Some of you are probably experiencing higher-than-average frequency of crashes in the latest beta release. I wanted to let you know that we're aware of this and are on it. Thanks again for all your help and support in the form of crash testing and bug reports. It's because of this that we are able to be confident about what we ship to the rest of the world.

Thanks again and keep 'em coming!

Hey everyone! I'm Christa, the mobile researcher at Asana.

I'm really excited to announce that you now have early access to Asana calendar on Android! Excited to read all of your feedback :)

Hey, maybe it's already implemented in the beta, but my boss was really annoyed by the fact that his tasks were not saved properly when he is in the subway (with a poor connection). Asking him to set his phone in plane mode is not a viable solution. It would be great to save locally the tasks/changes, until the connection is safe (whatever the connection status)

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I really like how Asana integrated today/upcoming/later into "My Tasks" ! Kudos!

I am a beta tester for asana in my phone and Tablet. My tablet is not working for subtasks! I am not able to use the “enter” Key to add more subtasks, so, I would

How can I solve it? Is there any other key to enter subtasks in the tablet? It is very uncomfortable in my meetings.

Kind Regards!!

May I suggest to add the same filters, views or sorts that you have in the List Project for the Board Projects? I would like to be able to see the cards filtered by Assignee, in the Board Project that I have will all the team, so, in the meetings we can review what are the following activities per assignee, besides, be able to sort those cards by due date

I really like the new ability to reorder subtasks! Thanks!

Hey folks!

In today's release, we've shipped an overhaul of our networking code. As with any major first release, there may be bugs, so please shake your phone to report them if your content doesn't seem to be loading.

Other notable things:
- Sort by Custom Fields
- Improve links in rich text

Hi, I just joined the beta and appreciate the opportunity. I couldn't see a way to search the discussion, so I apologize if there are duplicates. My two biggest app requests are:

* Ability to set the default home screen of the app to either My Tasks, Inbox, Conversation, or a specific project. Most of my use of the app is within one project (our content calendar), and it would save me a lot of time if I could make this my default view.

* Ability to reorder subtasks. I can drag tasks to reorder, but not subtasks.


Are there any plans on adding reminder notifications for tasks?
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