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Discover the powerful combination of QueueMetrics monitoring suite and WombatDialer predictive dialer for #Asterisk #callcenter.

Create reliable and deep inbound analysis and combine them with the outbound advanced capabilities of a next generation predictive dialer.

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Thursday Live Webinar: Effective #Asterisk Call Center Management and Reporting with QueueMetrics

Discover valuable information about effective call center management using Loway's QueueMetrics software.
Tune in and learn the answers to these questions:

How can you monitor calls in real time, generate accurate reports and analysis with a small budget investment?
How can you supervise your agents daily workflow in deep details?
How can you increase your customers satisfaction?

And much more.

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Mistakes that first-time #CallCenter #Agents make, or some common areas of weakness?
·        Arrive on time and adhere to your schedule
·        If you don't know or are unsure about the answer to a customer's question or how to handle a request – ask for help
·        Maintain open communication with your trainer, team leader, coach or supervisor
·        During low volume periods when calls are slow, use the quiet time to review training and product materials.
·        When you are not on a call, listen to how respected agents handle customer interactions.
·        Share customer issues with your call center supervisor
·        Make suggestions for improvements
·        Find out what call center metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to evaluate your performance and how they are calculated
·        Be positive, open and flexible when change is introduced
·        Recognize that while the agent role is an entry-level position, you can use it as a first step in building a career

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Goals and Objectives in #CustomerCare in #CallCenter
·        Promptly answered calls
·        Providing an outstanding customer experience
·        Knowledgeable staffers
·        Customer resolution
·        Customer retention
·        Good company representation
·        Alternative contact options
·        Talk to your customers in real time

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Benefits of Working as a #CallCenter #Representative in International #ContactCenter
·        High income and rewards
·        Get promoted in less than 6 months
·        A great team to work with
·        Dress code
·        Prestige
·        Work with great people
·        Low work pressure
·        Skill building and career advancement opportunities
·        Pick up the corporate culture
·        Comprehensive medical insurance
·        World class training and a culture that encourages professionalism
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Mistakes Every #Team #Leader should Avoid which include
·        Speaking in anger
·        Being inconsistent in your leadership and attitude
·        Lacking self-awareness
·        Getting stuck in a rut
·        Overlooking the need to set clear goals and action plans
·        Majoring in Minor Things
·        Blindly Trusting People
·        Short-Term Focus
·        Not Providing Feedback
·        Not Making Time for Your Team
·        Being Too Friendly
·        Failing to Define Goals
·        Misunderstanding Your Role

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How to be a best #CallCenter #Representative
·        Understand what the job involves
·        Develop your communication skills
·        Learn to be on time
·        Stay up to date with your company's activities
·        Learn from your supervisors
·        Approach the job with enthusiasm
·        Develop critical thinking

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The Key elements to successful internationally based #CallCenter.
·        Brand Consistency
·        Hiring and Recruiting Practice
·        Training
·        Management

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Tips to Manage Massive #WorkForce in International #CallCenter
·        Implement a flexible working strategy
·        Consider what your employees want when scheduling them for work
·        Schedule breaks as you would shifts
·        Schedule training at the most suitable time
·        Place your employees at the heart of the process
·        Make effective use of all available data
·        Make sure that excellent planning is supported by excellent delivery
·        Always focus on the WIN/WIN
·        Asking your agents what they want could lead to creative solutions
·        Help your agents help themselves stay in adherence
·        Record and measure absence
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In order to turn your #CallCenter into #Customer centric organization, you can encourage active listening among your call center executive. You can also focus on right call center metrics along with planned training of the agents. Read below steps to create a more customer centric call center.
·        Visible, Customer-Focused Leadership
·        Personalize Customer Experience
·        Understand Your Customers
·        Feedback Encourages Improvements
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