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Character: Gray Fullbuster
Transformed Age: 10
Powers: Ice-Make and Ice Devil Slayer Magic
Equipment: Sword necklace

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Name: Suirō Ekishō
Natural Age: 19
Transformed Age: 10
Gender: male
Race: Cyborg/ human/ half alien
Powers: super human intelligence
Equipment: frost fire blaster, nano exo-armour, photon blade
Bio: after I was a half blood alien, at the age of 12 I injected myself with nano bots, in which sync with a self powered exo-armour. [The armour transforms into a backpack when not in uses]
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Name: Dr. Tychos Fullmeta, Ph.D.

Nicknames: Ty, Demon, Half-Breed

Age: 3,515

Transformed Age: 10

Gender: Male

Equipment: Harvester the Scythe of Death, Death Cloak

Relationship Status: Widower. Like 50 times over. Immortality sucks.

Affiliations: The Underworld, Olympus, Fairy Tail, Sparta, Dragons, The Celestial Spirit World

Race: Half-Breed (God/Demon)

Magic: Fate Ark, Soul-Make, Take-Over/Transformation, Possession Magic, Telepathy, Divine Summoning, Archive, Greed Charm, Grand Arts Magic(Inventor of this magic), Rage Mode(see insert), Neko Magic(Inventor of this magic), Soul God Magic, Mobility Magic(Inventor of this magic)

Rage Mode: Rage Mode alters my appearance, as well as unlocks Omnikinesis, but this state is only achieved when I am angered beyond normal capacity, usually triggered by near-death attacks against Coralie.

Abilities: Comprehensive Learner (Can quickly learn most types of Caster Magic), Immortality [Long-life: Can be slain in combat, much like elves.]

Backstory: I am the half-breed son of a Greater Demon of Greed, and a Greek goddess. Don't ask me how that happened, I know just about as much as you. But either way, I confuse myself even. I was brought up by my father, as Zeus forbids gods to visit their children, and I learned magic from him. Demon magic. The Fate magic I get from my mom. I've lived a long-ass time, met a lot of crazy people, and you just learn to cope. I've got plenty a stories to tell, and now I've joined Fairy Tail, cause it's been millennia since I had a family. So yup. That about sums me up. I think that covers it.....

Some more recent events:
Resurrected my children and wife.
Reached out to long lost siblings.
Left jobs to younger members and pursued research.
Creates new types of magic.
Was named as the new Grim Reaper by Hades.
Kallir told my of my now-dead daughter and that he is my grandson.

~There's my father, but I left after a while, hell isn't all it's cracked up to be.
~My mother abandoned me, not by choice, but she's cool. Met her once, when she told me about herself. That was cool. Had to trek through most of Ancient Greece with another demigod though. That was a bummer.
~Cora Runesave, my daughter from my first wife, 2,892 years ago (reincarnated)
~Kuraihono, my twin brother
~Senega, my bastard son
~Allexaie, my Imouto
~Orsimus, my son, Cora's brother
~Phireses, my first wife
~Kallir, my grandson

Personality: If it moves and threatens Fairy Tail, kill it. Violently and painfully. Appease the gods. Protect Coralie. Other than that, go with the flow, brah.

Likes: guild members, magical studies, combat, family.

Dislikes: losing, loneliness

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Name: Portgas D. Ace

Devil Fruit: Flame-Flame or Mera-Mera no Me

Type: Logia

Whitebeard Pirates; Spade Pirates (former); Dadan Family (former)

Transformed Age: 10


2nd Division Commander; Pirate; Captain (former)

"Fire Fist Ace" (火拳の エース, Hiken no Ēsu ? ) ("Trace Heat Fist" )

Real Name: Gol D. Ace (ゴール・ D・エース, Gōru D. Ēsu ? )

Age: 20

Birthday: January 1

Height: 185cm (6'1")


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He woke up as everything seemed bigger to him somehow he looked at his hands and arms seeing they shrunk and his muscles disappeared as he looked in a mirror and he has turned into a 10 year old kid
What the--..
He uses his Devil Fruit powers as they seem to still be in full power
Hm.. this is weird...

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Name: Liz Thompson,
Transformed Name: 10,
Powers: Pistol Form
 Equipment: None

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Cannon profile:
~Name Crona Gorgon
~Transformed Age: 7
Powers: Black blood, Expert Combatant Ect))
Equipment: Kid Ragnarock
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Name: Coyote Starrk

Transformed Age: 10

Race: Arrancar

Birthday: January 19

Gender: Male

Height: 187 cm (6'1½")

Weight: 77 kg (169 lbs.)

Professional Status

Affiliation: Aizen's Arrancar Army

Occupation: 1st Espada

Team: Espada

Partner: Lilynette Gingerbuck

Base of Operations: Las Noches, Hueco Mundo

Zanpakutō Resurrección: Los Lobos

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Name: Patty Thompson
Transformed Age: 10
Powers: Pistol Form
Equipment: None
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