Hi every one,
I'm My, i learned korean by myself for 5 days ago. I really like this language. So, could you guys help me to be better, we can learn together.
It will be my honor when become one of your friends.
Nice to talk to you!

안녕 하세요. 송주리 입니다. I am a Malaysian, but I would love to increase my korean language. Please help me out and be my friend okay 😉 고마워요.

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I practice my listening with Gong Yoo~

지은탁 : 아저씨... 아저씨...
김신 : 들어와~ 무슨 일이야? 자고 있어는데..
지은탁 : 그러고요?
김신 : 응. 나 원레 이러고 자.. 왜?
지은탁 : 아 알았구요. 아저씨 잘 들어봐요
김신 : 뭘?
지은탁 : 아저씨, 열두시 땡! 일월 일일 새해~ 저 방금 어른 됐어요.. 꺄아아

Alright I want to learn Korean who will help me

Day 2.

1) 19 Korean Consonants

(1) ㄱ ("G" sound in Good)
(2) ㄱ+ㄱ= ㄲ ("Ck" sound in Pocket)
(3) ㄴ ("N" sound in Nice)
(4) ㄷ ("D" sound in Dog)
(5) ㄷ+ㄷ= ㄸ ("Th" sound in Think)
(6) ㄹ ("L" sound in Love)
(7) ㅁ ("M" sound in Music)
(8) ㅂ ("B" sound in Best)
(9) ㅂ+ㅂ = ㅃ (The 2nd "P" sound in Paper)
(10) ㅅ ("S" sound in Last)
(11) ㅅ+ㅅ= ㅆ ("S" sound in Sound)
-> ㅅ has a softer sound than ㅆ
(12) ㅇ (There are 2 sounds (i) "A" sound in Apple &
(ii) "Vowel (a, e, i, o, u) + ng" sound, e.g., "ing' sound in Learning
(13) ㅈ ("J" sound in Joy)
(14) ㅈ+ㅈ= ㅉ ("tch" sound in Gotcha
->See below Comment 1.)
(15) ㅊ ("Ch" sound in Cheer)
(16) ㅋ ("K" sound in Key)
(17) ㅌ ("T" sound in Tulip)
(18) ㅍ (The 1st "P" sound in Paper)
(19) ㅎ ("H" sound in Happy)

There are some consonants that are sometimes pronounced differently when placed in the batchim position ex:삿 so ㅅ is s but it has the same letter in the bottom so it will sound like t...so its is read as sat instead of sas....here are the consonants used in batchim:
ㄹ Its l but sometimes r
ㅅ S sometimes t
ㅇIts silent but sometimes ng in think ...thanks

Day 1.

1) 21 Korean Vowels

(1)ㅏ(Ah) (2)ㅑ(Yah) (3)ㅓ(Eo) (4) ㅕ(Yeo)
(5) ㅗ (Oh) (6) ㅛ (Yo) (7) ㅜ (Woo) (8) ㅠ (Yoo)
(9) ㅡ (Eu) (10)ㅣ(Yee) (11) ㅐ(Eh) (12)ㅒ (Yeh)
(13) ㅔ (Eh) (14) ㅖ(Yeh) (15) ㅡ + ㅣ = ㅢ (Eu-ee)
(16) ㅗ +ㅏ = ㅘ (Wa) (17) ㅗ + ㅣ = ㅚ (Wae)
(18) ㅗ + ㅐ = ㅙ (Wae) (19) ㅜ +ㅓ =ㅝ (Weo)
(20) ㅜ +ㅣ=ㅟ (Wui) (21) ㅜ + ㅔ = ㅞ (Wae)

There are 10 main vowels and 11 complex vowel....thank you! 😊

Hello Everyone! I plan to move to Korea in 5 years with my son, so I'm really excited to begin learning Korean now. Any suggestions for great/easy to understand hands-on workbook or resources?

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Hello everyone! My name is josefine and I study in high school for my last year and a beginner in korean. Which means that l am on the stage were l am learning the alfabeth. So I wonder If it is someone who would like to help me with learning korean with future steps as gramma, how to pronause and so.

I am learning this language because l want to study in Korea and so. And If l still like to study korean, my thoughts would be to study in university and live in Korea of course. So you see, l have high goals that l want to reach. But l dont know, but how would it be If someone created a hangout group for all people who wants to learn korean?

Thank you for taking your important time to read this post, and If someone wants to help me. I would be very happy and grateful.

Jeogmal gamsahamnida! bows

Hi everyone, nice to meet you guys.
I'm learning korean, little by little (but it's hard). It would be nice have a friend to help. I can teach portuguese and help with english
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