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Hazrat Ibrahim Abraham Full Story In Hindi Urdu | History Of Islam Episode -1

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Terrorism In Islam? | Allama Syed Mohammad Hashmi Miyan (RA)

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Ya Ilahi Har Jagah Teri Ata Ka Saat Hoo

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☄☄नौकरी नौकरी नौकरी☄☄
मुझे कुछ 50-100 ऐसे लड़के - लड़कियों की जरूरत है जो की मेरे साथ टीम बना कर सिर्फ फेसबुक और व्हाट्सअप ऐड पोस्टिंग कर सकते है।
काफी अच्छा पैसा कमा सकते है बिना एक रुपया भी लगाये अपने पार्ट टाइम में ।
अगर आप इच्छुक है तो मुझे व्हाट्सअप (Whatsapp) पर massage करे लिखे JOB और भेज दे।
( mob-8421173233.) इस नम्बर पर।
नोट:- सिर्फ ऐसे लोग सम्पर्क करे जो मेहनत करके कुछ पाना चाहते है। बिना कुछ किये पाने की इच्छा रखने वाला मुझसे सम्पर्क न करे।

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Thus a movement is born- the Muslim OBC Movement. The All India Muslim OBC Organisation under the able leadership of its protagonist Iqbal Ansari, has always propagated reservation for the most backward amongst Muslims- Ansaris, Momins, Julahas,Telis, Tambolis, Bagwans, Salmanis, Faqirs,dholi,Hashmi,sawat,sonar,mahat,tkari,Rangrez,Kasai, Qasabs,Karushi, Pinjari, Nadaf, darji, dhobi, teli,sutar,gawandi,shikalgar,bazigar,beldar,sanghtrash,hajjam, salmani,ect. and a whole lot of others and they have succeeded too, as in Mharashtra, where the doors of Reservation have opened up for upto 85% of the Muslim population which is covered under the umbrella of Other Backward Classes [OBCs]. The most disadvantaged sections of the Muslim society have benefited from this movement and are today better placed in Educational institutions and in the job market than they were 20 years ago.
 Their rights need to be protected, and gradually asserted- a job which already engages All India Muslim OBC Organisation and the team led by the tireless Iqbal Ansari. You too can become a part of it. You too can lessen the burden of the most passive and famished Muslims in India. Think about it and you will come up with your own reasons to extend a helping hand
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