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#Chemical_Industries need to work strictly and ecologically while investing greatly in environmental engineering, waste disposal management, fire hazards and #industrial safety standards. Moreover, there is a global competition for #manufacturers. #Companies need to get the best from their processes with the minimum investment to maintain profitability.
#Tech_Cloud_ERP designed exclusively for chemical industry aids #chemical_manufacturers to efficiently handle pre-set formulations, #quality_controls, #consumer_management, manufacturing and #financial reporting very easily. An effective solution for chemical company irrespective of their size. To achieve these objectives, many chemical companies implement #ERP_Software which integrates and automates their processes thus reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency manifold. The problems faced by chemical companies are similar to any other process manufacturers but in addition to that chemical manufacturers have some unique requirements like:

Regulatory Compliance (MSDS, etc.)
Co-Products, By-Products & Recycling
Special Characters Support
Active Formula Adjustment
Research and Development
Lot History
Shelf Life
Multiple Units of Measurement
To know more details:
Call: 8919439603

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Our Tech Cloud Trading Software automates the buying and selling process for trading companies that buy and sell items online. It handles Purchase Orders, records purchases as assets, calculates landed costs and more to streamline the purchasing side of your business.
To know more info visit our website @
Call us @ 8919439603

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Automatic Transformer Test System

A complete line of Transformer Test Systems, from a small portable unit with a rating of 5kVA to power transformer Testing Systems capable of testing transformers with very high voltage and power ratings can be supplied. The line includes both single and three phase system for both distribution and power transformers. It's widely used in the fields of power supply and distribution, power transformer manufacturer, transformer maintenance center, industry and mining enterprises.
Sansion Transformer Test System will perform tests in accordance with IEC 60076 and IEEE C57 serial latest edition standards.
Applied for different voltage degree transformers, reactors and HV switchgears.
Fully PLC controlling and measurement, integrated primary wire connection circuit displaying, measuring, control tracing, analysis processing, report storing, printing and protecting into the testing system.
All the test data calculation was operated by IPC, the test results and measuring data are displayed in screen directly which highly improved the precision and efficiency.
The test system could be customized to bench type, microcomputer type or any at user's option to be suitable for your test site.

Test Items:
Routine tests:
Transformer oil testing (including acidity, dewpoint, flashpoint, breakdown, capacitance &tan delta, dissolved gas analysis)
Transformer insulation resistance testing
Transformer winding resistance testing
Transformer turns ratio testing
Transformer load/no-load current & loss testing
Transformer capacitance & tan delta testing
Transformer short circuit impedance & load loss testing
Transformer power frequency withstand voltage testing
Transformer inductive withstand voltage testing (including 110kV transformer partial discharge testing)
Impulse voltage testing (including full wave, chopping wave testing)
Type tests:
Temperature rising testing
Special tests:
Zero-sequence impedance testing

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Tech Cloud Finance Software gives you real-time business insight and complete internal control of small & mid-level businesses in India & UAE.
Using our finance software, you can bring accounting, consolidation, planning, procurement, projects, reporting and analytics into one financial management system.
Call us @ +91-891 943 9603
Our website @

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ERP Software for Plastic Industries:
Tech Cloud ERP provides best ERP Software for Plastic Industries. Completely integrated ERP Software Solution with advanced features to help Plastic Manufacturers automate workflow and gain total visibility and control of their flexible making.
By using our ERP Software you can -
• Boost up your workstations
• Smartly manage your Inventory
• Evenly distribute the time
• Manage finance
Visit our website
Tech Cloud ERP Contact Details: 8919439603

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From a small store to a large business POS system has its own importance. Without wasting time, you can easily do a billing. Our POS is a web based with many unique features.
Tech Cloud ERP Software Solutions is here to produce profitable POS Software for your store at affordable prices.
Visit our website @

Call us @ 8919439603

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Everyone can do it

FREE ELECTRICITY (How to lower your electric bill)

#freeenergy #free

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With its easy-to-follow navigation, robust reporting, and low pricing model, Tech Cloud ERP is a solid choice for accounting, production and inventory management.
Tech Cloud ERP is a user-friendly system that offers a wide variety of modules and options. We are happy using this software.
Tech Cloud ERP offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features with customizable functions to fit various needs. We can create unlimited users with user defines access rights. Moreover, it's a lifetime ERP with no renewals. Very good software at a lesser cost.
A software designed to help small and mid-sized businesses manage their resources with a very effective enterprise resource planning platform.
To know more details:
Call: 8919439603
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