Wish Google had a program similar to ACCESS

New Google Sites: I want to show a whole PDF on the page, but even if I try to make it bigger by draggin the blue dots 'down' it slipps 'back'. Just 1/3 of the PDS can be seen. What can I do, gurus? :)

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"The All New Google Sites for Schools" training video and post
I just did a one-hour webinar on the new version of Google Sites, all of the features, and how it can be used to create a classroom site. You can find the recorded training video, slideshow, and detailed directions at the link above.
Session Description: Google has developed a brand new version of Google Sites that makes it easier than ever to quickly create an attractive and useful website. Learn how to use this new tool to make a classroom or organization website including a welcome page, calendar page, files page, links page, pictures page, and more.

Just wondering if there is a way to create anchor links in the new Google sites. 

How can you use the new google sites templates without G suite?

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Has anyone had an opportunity to use the New Google Sites? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

We in fact did hit our 1000 follower goal. Looks like I know what I will be building for this Holiday Weekend.

Happy Holidays everyone.

How can I download a page I created in Google Sites (so that I can then upload it to my personal web site)?

Here's the page: https://sites.google.com/site/baseballreplays/welcome

Thanks for any advice!


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If you are using the "AddThis" gadget for social media follow and share via hosting.seowebpower.com please update settings as some changes that have been updated might overwrite your existing settings.

Help please! I have a 'File Cabinet' template page on my Google site. I have this page organized using the 'Folders' option. In one of these folders, I would like to add a link to another page of my Google Site.

However, for some reason, this link is breaking and will not direct users where they need to go.

Has any one experienced this issue or know how to resolve it? 
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