Possible or even reasonable to try to use blogger (with multiple logins) with gSites?

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Feature request for Sites to support an option to present as a PWA (progressive web app).

(note: only G Suite 'customers' can vote)

We will be cutting over the hosting gadget site from seowebpower to innova | accelerator over the next couple of hours. We plan on closing the hosting seowebpower site in about 5-10 days in which all gadgets will stop working. Update your gadgets to prevent broken gadgets. New Hosting site can be accesses by visiting http://hosting.innovaaccelerator.com

We are going through the restructuring of our Google Sites hosting site. I will have an update for you in the near future.

Update: Our gadgets will still be working if you are using them on your site. The only thing that has changed is how you get to the site. To continue to use our gadgets visit https://sites.google.com/a/seowebpower.com/seowebpower-gadget-hosting/

We had some issues with our domain causing all of our gadgets to stop working. We are working on a solution. We apologize for the inconvinience.

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Made with Google Sites Classic -

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Need to display RSS on your Google Sites Classic? One of my best-kept secrets til' now. https://feed.mikle.com/

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