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Welcome to the Anime World where citizens from different anime series have the same powers as their world champions, movies, games, etc come together and live in harmony but violence may come in to play. I am the dimension leaper, and what i do is travel the universes learning from their champions.

- No Godmodding - you are to only have 3 powers based on your anime universe excluding god like or super high level powers
- No autohitting or character control - this makes it more interesting and less one sided
- No CCs (Canon Characters)- try to be creative as possible
- Must have 2 weaknesses
- No arguing- No anime is stronger or weaker than another, they are all on equal levels
- Respect and positivity
-Any other rule suggestions tell me down below

Job Application

Academy Principal-
Vice Principal-
Housing administrator-

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❌Profile Template❌

Name:Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
Nicknames or alias:foxtrot or black fox
Anime you are from:strike witches
Mentor or Champion modelled after:Eila is based on the #1-ranked Finnish flying ace (and #1-ranked non-German flying ace) Eino Ilmari Juutilainen. Like Eila, he bore the nickname "Illu" amongst his friends. Her magic ability, Foresight, is a reference to Eino having never been hit by enemy fire.
Relationships:She is single but has 1 sister

Powers: Foresight-Her magic ability Foresight (未来予知, Mirai Yochi) grants her a limited ability to predict the future. Classified in the detection system, she can sense and dodge enemy fire with relative ease and anticipate their movements. However, the ability seems to be focused on the near future and her projections on more complicated issues have been imprecise.

Like Laura Toth of the Isle of Wight Detachment Group (and former member of 501st), she can dodge the enemy’s fire easily. When compared to Hanna Wind, the number two super ace of the Suomus Air Force, they are often refered to as "Hanna the Marksman" and "Eila the Evasive", although in Hanna's case her talents are more broad-reaching.

In practice, Eila's unique style presents a fear for her superiors: there is some concern that, being effectively untargetable by enemy weapons, she has grown out-of-practice or careless with regard to other combat essentials, such as use of her shield. Lacking the same sense of danger, she can forget the vulnerability of her squadmates and the importance of teamwork.

Weaknesses: heavy Anti-aircraft weaponry And her power drains her stamina like nothing else leaving her weak and vunreable
Weapons:MG-42 and Soumi M31
Gear:striker unit kit is the BF109 K4

Likes: reading,target practice,reading
Dislikes:people disturbing her when she is reading and people who keep bringing up her past
Personality:Eila's hobby is fortune-telling with tarot cards, although the accuracy of her predictions is questionable at best. Similar to stereotypes of her familiar (the black fox), she has a reputation for mischief, being fond of pranks amongst her colleagues and is somewhat mischievous. She has a talent for analyzing the thoughts and feelings of her companions, and this skill translates well to the battlefield where her judgment is used to consistently outwit her opponents. Eila is always together with Sanya, who is very attached to Eila, and Eila loves her dearly.

Bouncy and restless girl who is always full of energy and enthusiasm. Open and friendly Eila kept very relaxed in any situation. She has a reputation for cheerful and carefree merry prankster. She makes her courageous and persistent man, a loyal friend, in spite of carelessness and thoughtlessness.

Eila has a older sister named Aurora E. Juutilainen, who is a veteran land witch. She loves saunas and is on junior/senior terms with Elma Leivonen. Eila likes sleep during the day, she's been paired up with Sanya a lot and so she's gotten a lot of experience of fighting during the night. She has fans in her homeland, likes eat fish (She doesn't really likes herring since she had a bad memories when eating herring) and is good to make sandwiches.

Bio:the 16 year old flying ace who,has saved loves and also had peoples blood on her hands,She was raised Hanko Finland on a farm and eventually joined the Finnish air force being a top ace and skilled fighter with rapid fire weaponry

Other info:
Date of birth:21st of February 1929
Affiliation:Head of air force 5 star

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Eila was sitting in her class her book that she always read that seemed to grow in length every time she had it it was normal for her to read it,it said on the front "Foresight" and most people wondered what it was

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❌Profile Template❌

Nicknames or alias:
Anime you are from:
Mentor or Champion modelled after:

Weaknesses:(must have at least 2)


Other info

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❌Profile Template❌

Name: Shiro
Nicknames or alias: Ice demon
Age: 15
Gender: male
Anime you are from: Bleach
Mentor or Champion modelled after: Toshiro Hitsugaya
Relationships: single(open)

-ice manipulation
-Hell Freeze(creates an huge area of frozen fire confusing their senses because its both freezing cold and touching it is searing heat)/only usable in Bankai
-Bankai - my form and weapon change(second and third image)

Weaknesses: Fire abilities and superspeed users
Weapons:Shimo (1st image)/Shimo tori ki(Bankai)(third image)
Gear: none other weapon

Likes: ice, women,
Dislikes: arrogant, egotistical people
Personality: a very calculated and chill person
Bio: Shiro trained under Captain Hitsugaya, learning his abilities and finally learning a Bankai. He then started travelling dimensions learning other techniques

Other info
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