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Name: Lolbit
Bio: I Sell Bytes For Money So I Don't Fight I Let Bytes Fight
Gender: Tomboy (I'm A Female)
Age: Unknown
Species: Fox
Colour: White,Orange And Purple
Role In Game: Helpers
Likes: Bytes And Helping And Money
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Bio:I was a fixed fox untill kids came and started tearing me apart each day
Dislikes:Springtrap,toy chica,kids
role I'm game:party member

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I'm obviously myself 
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Name: Funtime Foxy
Gender: Don't ask
Species: Fox
Colour: White and Pink
Attack: Cosmic Song
Role In Game: Party Member
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Waiting someone to fight

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Name: Scott
Age: ???
Bio: I grow weary it is time to put you back in your place
Boss appearance: hard mode
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Name: Virtua Freddy

Gender: Male

Species: Virtual

Colour: Green

Attack: Copy Attacks

Role In Game: Helper

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Party Members

Adventure Freddy
Adventure Bonnie
Adventure Chica
Adventure Foxy
Adventure Golden Freddy
Adventure Endo01

Adventure Toy Freddy
Adventure Toy Bonnie
Adventure Toy Chica
Adventure Mangle
Adventure Withered Freddy
Adventure Withered Bonnie
Adventure Withered Chica
Adventure Withered Foxy
Adventure Balloon Boy
Adventure Marionette
Adventure Shadow Freddy
Adventure Shadow Bonnie
Adventure Endo02
Adventure JJ
Adventure Crying Child
Paper Pals

Adventure Springtrap
Adventure Phantom Freddy
Adventure Phantom Chica
Adventure Phantom Foxy
Adventure Phantom Mangle
Adventure Phantom Balloon Boy
Adventure Phantom Marionette

Adventure Nightmare Freddy
Adventure Nightmare Bonnie     Taken
Adventure Nightmare Chica
Adventure Nightmare Foxy
Adventure Nightmare FredBear
Adventure Nightmare
Adventure Plushtrap
Adventure Nightmarionne
Adventure Jack-O-Bonnie
Adventure Jack-O-Chica

Adventure Fredbear
Adventure Spring Bonnie
Adventure Endoplush
Adventure Funtime Foxy
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