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Breed:Wolf dog(dog and wolf hybird)
Bio:Luna was found stuck under a fallen tree starving the employees found her and brought her here.
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Pepsi stood in the outer portion of his kennel, participating in a loud chorus of barking that had been triggered by a person walking by. One dog barked at the person, Pepsi barked at that dog, and soon enough, almost the entire kennel had exploded into barks.

Eclipse was sitting on the fence of the shelter yard. She seemed awfully bored until you...

((Open RP))


By far, Pepsi's favorite time of the day was when he was allowed out into the yard for exercise and playtime. He raced back and forth around the shelter yard, grabbing random toys and tossing them joyfully into the air.

Pastel and Brooks are running through the streets, looking around, staring at the nearby shelter

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Name: Eclipse
Age: 9 months
Gender: Female
Breed: Maine coon mix
Time in shelter: Awfully new
Appearance: Pretty gray fur, spotted dark gray and peach. Stunning blue eyes. Used to have a home, hence her collar and beautiful velvet bow.
Personality: Brave, bold, polite, kind, a real sweetheart, sweet, lovable, shy, quiet, friendly, aggressive when mad or wants to be left alone, prissy, proud, optimist, agile, strong.
Bio: Eclipse used to be a pampered house cat, making her prissy and proud. Her house burned down, and she was the only survivor. She was homeless for 2 months. At her 9 months, she was a stray cat, and learned the ways of the streets. One day, she was caught and taken to the shelter. She is now waiting to be adopted.

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Name: Pepsi
Gender: Male
Breed: Akita mix
Age: 3 years, 2 months
Personality: Pepsi is a curious and intelligent dog, with a tendency to get overexcited. He loves discovering new things and meeting new people. 
Bio: Pepsi came to the shelter nearly a year ago, having been spotted living near a construction site. He doesn't talk much about his past. He is a very large dog at roughly 125 lbs, and his size combined with his hyperactivity has kept him from being adopted thus far.

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(Kind of a "HEY! I'M HERE!" post.)
(I'll make this oc after I post this)

Featherstar was thrown in with a thud. "W- Where am I!?" She started to yell. "I do not belong here! Why was a twoleg carrying me!? Where is my clan!?" She stops asking questions as she hears paw/hoof steps coming towards her. She shivers. "I- Who are you..? Where are you.. More importantly what are you..?" She starts walking backwards. She suddenly runs into a gate behind her.

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Name: Featherstar
Gender: Female
Age: 32 months
Breed: Cat, Egyptian Mau cross Ragdoll
Personality (to the other ocs here): Strange, kind, freaked out, new comer, easy to mess with.
Time in the Shelter: New

tankies for inviting meh <33
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