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On today's Twitter Chat - #sayftychat, guest +Soraya Chemaly talks about her new book #RageBecomesHer.

We will talk about:
- Anger is an emotion that best protects us from danger, unfairness & injustice. How can women use it in response to threats in a way that is empowering?
- Why do we admire women's onscreen anger, physical violence & vigilantism while in real life punish them harshly if they display such behavior?

Soraya is a writer and activist. She writes about the role of gender in culture, politics, religion & media & also engage in media activism to challenge mainstream sexist portrays of women, particularly as they pertain to suppression of women’s free expression.

You can join the conversation on Twitter starting at 11 am EST. Use #sayftychat in your tweets. Hope to see you there!

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On today's #sayftychat we are discussing 'Trauma & Recovery.
The chat starts at 11 am EST on Twitter. To join the discussion, please use #sayftychat in your tweets.

Guests are survivor/therapist +Bobbi Parish and survivor/activist +Rachel Thompson. This chat will be host by our founder +Shruti Kapoor

In particular, we will be discussing the following Questions:
Q1. Can you recall a time you were in a victim role? How did it feel?
Q2. What does trauma look like?
Q3. What can happen if trauma is not recognized?
Q4. In your experience (yourself or people you know), has trauma ever been mistaken for mental illness or addiction?
Q5. How can peer support help people to heal from trauma?

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Please join us on Monday for #SayftyChat on Twitter at 11am ET / 8:30pm IST! We'll be joined by Rahul Srivastav to talk about "How the Police Handle Cases of Violence Against Women"

More about Rahul Srivastav:
Mr. Rahul Srivastav is the Additional Superintendent of Police / Public Relations Officer, DGP HQs, UPPolice.
A recipient of “Presidents Medal for Gallantry” & the DGP’s Commendation disk in 2017.
He is known for starting the Twitter Seva of UP police, for which he has won FICCI smart Police award, Digital Empowerment foundation award, Digital enabler award & the Police foundation award.
The Twitter Seva platform of UPPolice has built bridges between the police and the common citizenry.
He has also launched a separate twitter handle @uppviralcheck to curb fake news & rumours.
Recently he has also launched the ‘ Digital Volunteer Scheme ‘ of UPPolice which aims at making 5 lack digital volunteers in the first phase for UPPolice.

Through these efforts, Mr. Srivastav has extensive experience in leveraging social media for positive social and public service outcomes.

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#sayftychat starts in 30 minutes. On today's Twitter chat we are discussing Masculinity & Non-Violence. Our guest +Chintan Girish Modi is a writer + peace educator who works with students + teachers to resist misogyny, homophobia + other forms of prejudice. He founded #aaodostikarein to promote Indo-Pak dialogue + #MardonWaaliBaat to involve men in conversations about gender, intimacy, violence.

To join the discussion, please use the #sayftychat on Twitter.

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Today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay. If you missed today's #sayftychat, we discussed Suicide Prevention. What are the warning signs, what should one do if a friend is in need, what the various hotlines and resources are and how to end​ the stigma and shame related to mental health.

Here is a recap of today's chat. It has some great information and resources related to suicide prevention. Please check it out:

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Today's #sayftychat focusses on Safe Online Spaces For Women and Girls.
In specific we will discuss why women are more vulnerable over the internet and what's a safe space for women and girls online? Is it different for men? How can women make online spaces safer for themselves? Is leaving the internet the only option women have to protect themselves from harassment?

Our guest +Kavita Chintapalli has over 5 years of experience as a social media manager, building communities for large brands and small startups in a variety of industries including telecommunications, aviation, sports, consumer packaged goods, and insurance. She also volunteers with Sayfty as a social media consultant, blogger, and #sayftychat host. Connect with Kavita on Twitter @kavita1010 and on her website:

To join the discussion on Twitter, please use #sayftychat in your tweet. As always, we start promptly at 11am ET

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This Monday on #sayftychat we are discussing the common misconceptions about sexual assault survivors. Our guest this week is +Rachel Thompson

Please join us on Twitter (@sayftycom) at 11 am ET to be informed, recognize these misconceptions and speak out against them.

+Rachel Thompson released the BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge in December 2016 to rave reviews.

She is the author of the award-winning, best-selling Broken Places (one of IndieReader’s “Best of 2015” top books and 2015 Honorable Mention Winner in both the Los Angeles and the San Francisco Book Festivals), and the bestselling, multi-award-winning Broken Pieces (as well as two additional humor books, A Walk In The Snark and Mancode: Exposed).

Not just an advocate for sexual abuse survivors, Rachel is the creator and founder of the hashtag phenomenon #MondayBlogs and the live weekly Twitter chats, #SexAbuseChat, co-hosted with Cee Streetlights and Judith Staff (Tuesdays, 6pm PST/9pm EST), and #BookMarketingChat, co-hosted with author assistant Emily Rabitoy (Wednesdays, 6pm PST/9pm EST).

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With Independence Day quickly approaching in India, we're discussing freedom on #SayftyChat.

Join us on Monday at 11am ET / 8:30pm IST for #SayftyChat with special guest, +The Outstanding Speakers Bureau.

More about +The Outstanding Speakers Bureau:
The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau represents a range of speakers who deliver insightful content with impact across domains and expertise areas. Exemplary representatives of their fields, speakers include motivational speakers, industry leaders, story-tellers, brand gurus, sports and entertainment stars, bureaucrats, thinkers and activists, inspiring entrepreneurs, and more.

The pace of change, the speed to learn, the skills to achieve are mind-boggling. Their experienced, successful and articulate speakers become Mentors of Change. To channel this transformational power, they work with their speakers and with industry experts to create unique customized solutions as well as facilitate speaking engagements that best suit clients’ requirements.

Their clients include several Fortune 500 multinational and Indian organizations and their speakers bring an external, expert perspective to help them make informed, evolved business decisions and lead from the front.

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Seven decades after India’s independence, the presence of women in its national politics remains shockingly low. According to a report by the United Nations and Inter-Parliamentary Union, India ranks in the world’s bottom quartile — 148th globally — for female representation in executive government and parliament.

Just 11.8% of parliamentarians are female, and the current Modi government has only six female cabinet ministers.

On the eve of the 72nd #IndependenceDayIndia, I share my views on "How To Give India's Half-Billion Women The Voice They Need In Government?" +Sayfty

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On today's #sayftychat, we are discussing Domestic Violence Survivors.
Today's guest is +Saurav Dutt. Saurav is a human rights campaigner, political columnist and published author who writes regularly about gender inequality, domestic violence, and emotional abuse. He is the author of a new book on psychological abuse and gender rights.

Please join us on Twitter (@sayftycom) at 11 am EST.
Amongst other things, we will discuss if education is the best way to tackle domestic violence.
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