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A Spatial Intelligence Activity for Kids with a Seven Piece 3-D Puzzle Cube


I'm so happy that Moksh shows more & more interest in playing with all kinds of puzzles. During one of my trips, I found this puzzle in a store and I thought of presenting it to my son. I'm glad that he liked to play and solve this!!

This is an excellent exercise in developing concentration & focus, curiosity & perseverance and the obvious spatial intelligence. I will be looking for more challenging & fun puzzles like these.

What is your opinion about 3-D Puzzles? What was your observation during the puzzle time & after it? I would love to hear your comments!

Thanks for watching & happy learning!

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Montessori Inspired Lacing/ Stringing/ Threading Fine motor Activity for Toddlers & Preschoolers


I'm glad to share with you this lacing activity that helps develop motor skills and hand & eye co-ordination in toddlers and pre-schoolers! When I saw this first, I thought it was so much Montessori!! And a great pre-sewing activity too;)

When I decided to buy this, I was not sure how would my son respond to this. But, I was surprised to find him interested:) He seems to like it a lot.

This helps develop patience, concentration and focus. In the end, there is the feeling of accomplishment, of course!

Have you done this with your children? What was your observation? I would love to hear from you:))

Thanks for watching & happy learning!

#Montessori #early learning #fine-motor #toddler #kindergartener #preschooler 

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DIY Visual Discrimination Busy Bag Activity For Toddlers & Preschoolers: Montessori Inspired Color Pallet Matching


I'm absolutely in love with this activity! This is so Montessori!! A Simple DIY activity that requires you to print a few color pallet cards. I printed and laminated the cards. Before lamination, I made sure, I marked the picture part and the pallet part on the back of the card with a number for control of error. Then, I cut apart the color strips and pictures.Now, I was ready for presenting this activity!

I was inspired to incorporate this in our learning when I first saw it on some blog. I did not understand the language and I'm not really sure how it was originally used. Is it from yours? If it is, a big thank you to you:)

Anyways, when I presented it to my son, it looked deceivingly simple yet turned out to be a bit challenging! A great visual discrimination activity that helps in matching skills, developing color sense, understanding of color pallets and a subtle lesson in Art appreciation:)

We loved it! Have you done this yet??

I would love to know:) Thanks for watching & happy learning!

#Montessori #Reggio inspired #colors activity #earlylearning #Visual discrimination #

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Easy DIY Visual Discrimination Activity for Toddlers & Preschoolers


This is a simple DIY activity that I had pinned when Moksh was just a toddler. It has been there on blogosphere for some time now. I'm glad to share it with you today!

To put this activity together, I used 12 thermocol or Styrofoam balls instead of original ping pong balls. I used the egg stand from the refrigerator and you can use an egg carton.

You may want to make sure that the size of your balls is good for fitting into the carton.

Then with the sharpie markers, I colored 6 balls with their one hemisphere red and other 6 balls with their one hemisphere blue. In all the balls, the other hemisphere was left to be white.

We made some task cards, printed and laminated for durability and cut. And these can be hand drawn and colored as they are simple to make.

Now I was ready with the activity to present to Moksh. Moksh instantly liked it!

Great for visual perception and discrimination, this activity also helps to boost concentration.

Thanks for watching & happy learning:))

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Introducing Kids early to architecture with blocks with Montessori inspired Cultural activity


Building and creating structures is one of the most fun things that kids love to do!

We all have previouly used cardboards, shoeboxes, pebbles, wooden sticks, blocks, utensils to build in our childhood. Even today, they happen to be the most economical, well recycled & best put to use in terms of creativity and utility.

When I decided to introduce Moksh early to architecture, I presented him with home made flash cards depicting architectural wonders of the world. We also labeled and matched the pictures. Then, I took out a set of Greek Table top blocks that I bought last year for Moksh.

The reason why, I did not present the blocks to Moksh earlier was not because he would not have the abilty but because the blocks are loose and not meant to be fixed and hence prone to tumbling down. He needed to have lots of patience and a little maturity;)

These were a big hit once he landed his hands on them:) They helped us learn about different kinds and shapes used in construction and its terminlogy. It was also a little lesson in balance and stability.

It's a great set of building blocks! Here's the video link for you to watch:)

Thanks for watching and happy learning!!

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IQ Logic Blocks / 3-D Puzzle blocks for stimulating spatial intelligence in Toddlers & Pre-schoolers/ Kindergarteners


I am always on the look out for fantastic educational toys:) I'm glad to share with you this latest find that is called "Combi Cubes" by Virgo toys which are basically 3 -D IQ Puzzle blocks. It consists of 32 plastic blocks and the child has to pick two specific blocks to make it into a's not a cube as mentioned on the product...which is ok.

These help in hand/ eye co-ordination & fine motor skills in younger kids and help boost spatial intelligence & logical-mathematical intelligence in a great way. I recommend these for little advanced 2-2.5 yrs old up to 5 yrs old kids who can easily be engrossed with these.

These will work well if you follow Montessori method. These will be great to your visual-Spatial learner!

We loved these blocks! I hope you like them too:))

Thanks & Have a great Day!!

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Logic Puzzle Activity For Stimulating Mathematical-Logical Intelligence in Toddlers & Preschoolers


I am a big fan of puzzles! So when I find a good logic puzzle, I am excited to present it to my son who is a preschooler:)

These logic puzzles are excellent for typical 2.5 who are a bit advanced to an average 4.5 yrs old. They use size variations and quantity-number variations in the grid form to offer challenging logical stimulation to kids.

I think it's a very good activity to stimulate mathematical-logical Intelligence (One of the eight Multiple Intelligences) in children.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed:))

Have a great day!!

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Introduction to counting frames: Toddler/ Preschooler Math Activity (Number Sense)


After finger counting, tally marks & ordinal numbers, I thought of introducing Moksh to Counting frames. Understanding the concept of counting frames and learning to count with them in order to develop number sense is the aim of this activity.

I created, printed, laminated, cut the counting frames cards upto ten and used numeral cards from our finger counting activity to present to Moksh. All Moksh did was to match the numeral cards with its corresponding counting frame card.

Simple & easy yet so effective!

If you like this activity, pls share, subscribe:)

Thanks & have a great day!!

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Everyday, we like having Math activities for our learning at home. Today's activity helps learn ordinal numbers. Initially I wanted this activity to be just like Montessori Inspired Cards and Counters activity. I added smaller button manipulative that can be good for pencil grip & fine motor development. To make it a bit more challenging, I printed out instruction card to go with this activity.

It had instructions like...
One orange button is first.
2 Yellow buttons are second.
3 pink buttons are third.
And So on...

This worked well! It involved reading practice, following instructions and a very effective ordinal numbers learning and understanding its meaning!

We loved it:)) If you like it, pls share!

Thanks n have a great day!!

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I'm glad to share with you today, a simple play based learning activity that offers stimulation in counting skills, hand & eye co ordination, fine motor development with an element of fun. I had pinned this a long ago and some how missed out on presenting it to Moksh. I wish to give more of threading, sewing or weaving activities to Moksh. One such activity that is so close to threading is this one!

In this Montessori inspired Math activity, I needed Pipe cleaners or chenille sticks, pony beads and mats. I wrote numbers from 1-10 on small labels and fixed the labels on 10 pipe cleaners. Then I placed the pony beads and pipe cleaners on the mat and presented this to Moksh. All that Moksh had to do was to count the pony beads corresponding to the label on the pipe cleaner and slide them on.

Super easy and yet so effective!! We would like to try a few more threading activities with counting ideas!!!

Thanks....Have a great day!!
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