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The origin of bullying
Bullying is Spiritual Warfare. Most people are not aware of that. But bullying uses the same weapons as the dark world uses in Spiritual warfare. Isolation, Fear and Destruction. That is because bullying comes from the Dark Spiritual World. Bullying has been used and will be used by the Dark World to destroy their enemies. When you have a strong powerful good and warm loving heart, you are a target for bullying.

To fight against bullying, you must understand the Spiritual Weapons that are being used in bullying. And then you must learn how to defend yourself against bullying in Spiritual Warfare.

I will call the bullies the enemies. Because in Spiritual Warfare there is always the enemy who attacks and the defender who defeats himself against the attack. To defeat yourself you must understand the sequence of the weapons that are being used by the enemy.

The Strategy of Bullying
A basic strategy in Spiritual Warfare of the Dark World is always: Isolation, Fear and Destruction. Bring your target into Isolation. Bully your target to create Fear. Then destroy the target.

The strategy of the wolves attacking the sheep is a good example. First step is Isolation. The wolves start to howl. The sheep panic, because they recognize the howling from the attacks before and start to run in all directions. Then the wolves start to run in a group after one sheep. This causes the isolation. The sheep is now alone and helpless. The second step is Fear. The target sheep now all alone gets paralyzed by the wolves around him and loses all hope and all strength. He becomes an easy pray for the wolves. The third step is Destruction. Now the wolves attack the helpless sheep and rip him apart. The sound of the screaming dying sheep is heard by all the other sheep and that fear is very effective for the next attack.

This simple strategy is very effective and is used in many ways of Spiritual Warfare and in bullying. Bullying happens at work and in the classroom and in many other places. The first step is always isolation. Choose a target and isolate him. Like wolves, bullies prefer to attack in a group and never alone.

A few kids in a classroom decide to come together and together they form a group within a group. A small group of mostly three or four kids. They chose a target.

Isolation, the First Step
The target child is separated from the rest of the class. The bullies collect around the target child and bully him. Saying nasty things to him/her, make jokes about him/her, hit him, make him insecure etc. The other children in the class are afraid to been seen with the target kid because maybe then they will also be bullied. Isolation takes a few weeks and sometimes it goes on for years. But like wolves, bullies do not give up.

Fear, the Second Step
The jokes become more rough and mean, they really start to hit the target kid and beat him up, fear spreads around in the classroom. Every child is totally afraid to be seen with the child and avoid every contact with the child. The child will start to feel totally alone, weak and full of fear.

Destruction, the Third Step
Very often the target child starts to think about committing suicide and in that state the World of Darkness often steps in to make the target child to hear voices inside him to tell him to end his/her life. Because bullying always comes from the Dark World and is always directed by the Dark World of Evil.

When the target child really commits suicide, destruction is a fact and the whole class suddenly wakes up. Like they were in an evil dream and in fact hey were. Suddenly nobody wanted that and the bullies feel terrible about it and never thought that this would happen. This is because the bullying was Spiritual Warfare organized and directed by the invisible unseen Spiritual World of Darkness. The evil world used the weak children in the class for their evil attack on the target child and made them the bullies.

How to defend yourself against Bullying
Now you understand the three steps in bullying it is time to learn to defend yourself against bullying.

Isolation, the First Step
Why is isolation so effective in bullying? Because isolation makes you insecure and makes you feel alone and weak. Suggestion is a powerful weapon in Spiritual Warfare. When everybody avoids you, and does not want to be seen with you or talk with you, you start to doubt about yourself. What is wrong with me? Why does nobody even wants to be in my neighborhood? Why do I have no friends? I feel so totally alone. And that is exactly the goal of the First Step in bullying.

How do you defend yourself against the First Step of the Attack? First realize that you are suddenly involved in Spiritual Warfare. And that it is war. Like a real war. No mercy, the enemy goes for the total destruction. You have no choice. You have to defend yourself. And the war will be cruel and mean.

You have suddenly landed on the battlefield in the middle of the war. And you are under attack of many sides. It seems like the enemy is everywhere. It is time to fight. No excuses anymore. The war has started. You are in serious danger.

First step in defense. You do not need anybody. When you were born, all the Spiritual Weapons have been given to you to fight the war against evil. You have a complete armor of defense. Use it. The battlefield is your heart. Not the heart that pumps the blood around. But your Spiritual Heart, just in the middle behind your breastbone. That place that hurts when you have been betrayed by the one you love most. That place that feels warm when you help somebody in need. That is your Spiritual Heart. The Doorway to Heaven, the Doorway to Hell and the Doorway to Earth. That place is the battlefield and that palce is under attack.

To defend yourself, defend your Spiritual Heart. Feel your Spiritual Heart and go with your inner self to that place. Become one with that place and stay in that place. Because there in your Spiritual Heart you are safe. No darkness can come there and you will be protected there by the Power of your Spiritual Heart

You do not need anybody and let the isolation come over you like a Spiritual Warrior. It is better to be alone. Now you can focus on complete defense because you are under serious attack. And you must fight the battle all alone. But remember, when you stay in the center of your Spiritual Heart, you will feel invincible. Because in your Spiritual Heart you will be totally protected by the immense Power of your own Spiritual Heart. You do not need anybody.

Fear, the Second Step
Why is Fear so effective in bullying? Because Fear makes you weak and vulnerable. Fear will make you an easy target. Never let fear come into your heart. What can happen to you. That they kill you. So what? They will kill you anyways. Because if this goes on further, you will finally commit suicide. Do not be afraid of death. Do not be afraid of pain. Do not be afraid of humiliation. Let no Fear into your heart. Because not the bullies are your enemy. They are only the simple tools of the evil world. The bullies are weak and have a weak Spiritual Heart and for that reason they have been chosen to attack you. They have no strong will. And they are chosen because of their weakness. You are the warrior. And Fear is your enemy. Attack the Fear with all your strength. Let no Fear, not the smallest fear into your heart. Be fearless. Whatever happens, you do not care. That will be your armor. You do not care. Whatever they say, they do, or they hit you. Pain is meaningless for you. Because you are the warrior. And you are not fighting against them but you are fighting against an unseen Evil Spiritual World of Darkness.

There is a well-known saying. “If they go low, you go high”. Visualize that the bully is the snake and you are the eagle. The snake attacks low on the ground. On the ground, the Eagle has no chance and will be killed by the snake. But that is not how the Eagle fights. The Eagle let not the snake determine the rules. The Eagle determines the rules. And the Eagle grips the snake and lift him up high in the sky where the snake is helpless and has no defense. Then he drops the snake from great height and the snake dies. That is how the Eagle fights. And that is how you have to fight. Let not the bullies determine the battle. You decide how and when to attack. As long ther eis still the smallest fear in your heart, you are not yet ready for the battle and you have to wait. Bring the light and the love deep into your Spiritual heart till you will feel totally fearless and you are ready for the battle.

Destruction, the Third Step

Please remember that you post in a Group that uses Love as a Power. You have to chose between Love and Hate. Hate mail will be removed.

As a member you have to chose for Love. There is no inbetween. When you chose for Hate, good luck. But you will be banned from this group.

Because this is about Spiritual Warfare and Hate is a Powerful Weapon. But Love is more Powerful.

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The most powerful weapon you have in spiritual warfare is the Power of Love hidden in the Deepest Center of your Spiritual Heart. No darkness, no evil, no dark spirit, no Angel of Darkness, no Demon, no any other creature of the evil dark world of Lucifer is stronger than the invincible Power of Love.

Your Spiritual Heart is protected by a very fine spiritual web that connects your Soul, the True Really You, your Spiritual Heart between the Spiritual World and this Physical World. When your Spiritual Heart is filled with the power of True Unconditional Love, this web is visible in the Spiritual World as a strong and powerful immense bright white light through which no darkness can pass by. Then this Spiritual Web will protect your deepest inner self, your soul, your spiritual heart.

In Spiritual Warfare it is the goal of the enemy (the evil world of darkness) to conquer your Spiritual Heart. Some Demons of darkness have the power to produce an unhuman sound, a terrible frightening scream, that cuts during a Spiritual Attack deep wounds into your Spiritual Protection Web. When that has happened, you are wounded in the Spiritual World and from that moment on Demons can easily pass your Spiritual Protection Web and enter Soul, your Spiritual Heart, your dream world and your world of feelings. After the attack, you will feel totally paralyzed by fear and you will see things you have never seen before. Your dreams will become nightmares and it does not matter anymore of your eyes are closed of open, you will see them, creatures of the world of darkness you have never seen before. You will have no defense anymore. It will be like the front door of your house is wide open and the criminals walk in and out your house whenever they want.

You have become a slave of a world you did not even know that that world did exist. People will not understand you. Doctors will not be able to help you and priest will have no idea in what for a world you are living now.

Your Spiritual Protection Wen can be damaged in many ways. The Spiritual Protection Web can be damaged by the use of certain drugs and certain plants, by spells and ceremonies in voodoo and witchcraft, during exorcism in Spiritual Warfare, by abuse of alcohol and starvation. To keep your Spiritual Protection Web healthy and powerful and strong, you have to live healthy, do not use drugs and be good and warm loving to other people.

There is no punishment in the Spiritual World. There will be no Angel of Justice after you die to judge you and to punish you for the things you have done wrong in this world during your life on earth. But there is a law in the Spiritual World. What you do in this Physical World effects what happens in the Spiritual World and opposite. Please read the Bible Text: Matthew 7:12

Also what you do to other people will have effect in the Spiritual World. Everything what you do in this world will effect your Spiritual Protection Web. When you kill somebody in the war, it will effect your Spiritual Protection Web. Deep wounds will occur in your Spiritual Protection Web after you have killed somebody or have tortured or raped somebody. These wounds will be the openings through which the Demons can easily enter your Soul, your Spiritual World, Your Dreams, your world that was so innocent and beautiful in the past. But that world has gone now. Your dreams will turn into nightmares and you will see beings from the world of darkness you have never seen before. You will hear voices you have never heard before. Voices that tell you to kill yourself or to kill other people. Because Demons of the world of darkness like it to kill and to destroy. Demons are filled with the dark power of hate and they hate humans and want to destroy them.

In the Spiritual World you cannot hide yourself behind orders from the General. You caused the pain and the suffering and you will do to yourself what you do to
others. When there are deep wounds in your Spiritual Protection Web, no Doctor, no Psychiatrist and no Priest will be able to help you. Even praying will not help you, because the Angels of Love will not be able to hear you. Your heart will be filled with the darkness of the world of darkness and the Demons who possess your Spiritual Heart will fill your heart with so much hate that you will feel ice cold and totally left behind alone in a world of darkness. It will feel like you live in Hell. And that is exactly where you are in the Spiritual World. In the Spiritual World you are like a wounded sheep, laying bleeding on the ground while the wolves gather around you to rip you apart.

Is there hope? Yes, there is always hope. Can you save Yourself? Yes, you can always save yourself. You have to Reconquer your Spiritual heart. You have to become visible in the Spiritual World and then your Spiritual Heart will recognize you like the Kingdom will recognize the King, and the Father will recognize the Lost Son.

See Luke 15:24 (NIV)
For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’

For every person you have killed, you have to save a life. For every wound you have caused, you have to heal somebody’s wound. There is so much suffering in the world. Go around in the world and help the people. Give those who are not heard a listening ear. Feed those who are hungry, give comfort to those who are mourning, give shelter to those who are homeless. Because then, the love you send out into this world will be visible in the spiritual world as a bright white light. And your Spiritual Heart will recognize you as the only master, the only king, the Lost Son that has finally returned to his father. And the wounds in the Spiritual Web around your Soul will be healed and you will enter your Spiritual heart and you will be the only Master of your Spiritual heart and you will send out the Demons of darkness and they will be afraid of your power of love.

Please see my blog: How to Reconquer your Spiritual Heart:

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Hi, I am so happy that you have come. May I give you a warm loving hug. Welcome to our army, the Soldiers of Love.

Members of this community join the army of the Soldiers of Love.

We fight against Terrorism, Evil attacks and Dark Powers. Love is our weapon.

Because Love has no mercy with evil. Love is the most powerful weopon in spiritual warfare.

In the whole universe there is no power stronger than love.


To fight the war against terrorism, you have to understand that this is a spiritual war in which the heart will be the battlefield.

Who conquers the heart has the victory. When the hate conquers the heart, the hate will rule over the heart and hate will throw the world into the deepest darkness of slavery. A kind of slavery for which the Holocaust was only a beginning.

When the love conquers the heart, the love will rule and the love will lead the world into freedom. A paradise of eternal peace.

To understand the war, you have to understand the Spiritual Heart. The Spiritual Heart is the door from this world to the spiritual world. The Spiritual Heart is situated just behind the breast bone. Your physical heart is situated a little bit to the left but your Spiritual Heart is just in the middle behind your breast bone.

You feel your Spiritual Heart when you have been betrayed by the one you love most. You feel your Spiritual Heart when somebody you love very much, dies. You feel your Spiritual; Heart when you really love somebody. It is the really you. It is the only you. That what you really are in the deepest of your soul. It is the only you who survives when you die. Because the Spiritual Heart crosses the boundaries between life and death. The Spiritual Heart lives in this physical world but your Spiritual Heart lives also at the same time in the Spiritual world. The Spiritual Heart is the connection between this world we know and the Spiritual World. The Spiritual Heart is the doorway to heaven. But the Spiritual Heart can also become the doorway to Hell.

The door of the Spiritual Heart is not a simple door, like the door you pass when you enter a room. The door of the Spiritual Heart is a much more complex door. It is a living door. The door in the Spiritual Heart is a highly complex living breathing network with many entrances to many different worlds within the Spiritual World.

To understand the Spiritual Heart, we have to understand the fundamental law in Spiritual Warfare. Equal attracts Equal:

Love attracts Love and Hate attracts Hate. Light attracts Light and Darkness attracts Darkness. Freedom attracts Freedom and Slavery attracts Slavery. These are the words from Jesus (Matthew 7:12): “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you”

Fill your Spiritual Heart with Love and Love will become your world. Fill your Spiritual Heart with hate and hate will become your world. Fill your Spiritual Heart with Freedom and Freedom will become your world. Fill your Spiritual Heart with Slavery and Slavery will become your world.

The Spiritual Heart is also a dangerous doorway. There are many possibilities to open the doorway in the Spiritual Heart. You can open the doorway by alcohol and drugs and brutal loud music like “Heavy Metal”. You can open the doorway by spells and ceremonies in evil cultures like in witchcraft and voodoo. Certain herbs and plants like psychedelic mushrooms offer these possibilities too.

This is the highway. But it is in general a highway not to Heaven but to Hell. Because then you do not really open the doorway in a subtle way, but then you damage the doorway because you break the door open with brutal violence. These damages are very often permanently. Then the doorway in the Spiritual Heart becomes more a wound in a damaged living fragile network. A wound through which spirits from the Spiritual World of darkness can easily enter your Spiritual Heart and you can become easily possessed.

The path to open the Spiritual Heart in the right way is narrow and difficult. Jesus spoke about this narrow path (Matthew 7:13-26): “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it”.

The first step to fight in the war the against terrorism is to defend the doorway in your Spiritual Heart. Because your Spiritual Heart will become the battlefield. And the doorway to your Spiritual heart has to be powerful and strong.

Because when the doorway breaks, the enemy will enter your Spiritual Heart and the enemy will destroy you. The evil world has no mercy. The evil world is like the wolves in the dark forest who have tasted the blood and go for thee kill and the destruction.

Who owns your Spiritual Heart will own you. And when the evil owns your heart, you will have no defense anymore. Your heart will be like the castle with the castle gates wide open and the brutal enemies inside. Where will you hide, how will you defend, who will protect you when the enemy is inside the castle, your Spiritual Heart?

Beware of the wide path of brutal force to open your Spiritual Heart. Because that wide easy path used by so many will only destroy the fragile living doorway of your Spiritual Heart and will set your doorway wide open for the evil world. Because the evil world is very real and very destructive and very present on earth. Walk away from slavery and addictive computer games. Walk away from alcohol and drugs and loud addictive music. Walk away from the addiction of wealth and glitter. Walk away from the noise of the world and the opinions of so many. Do not care what they think of you, do not care what they say of you, do not care how they want you to be. Do not listen to your parents, your family and your friends how you have to be, how you have to behave, what is right and what is wrong. Because they walk in blindness and they do not know. They are not aware of their Spiritual Heart and they never found the doorway to Heaven. They speak without words and they are unable to hear their own Spiritual Heart.

Walk away from the world and go into silence. Go into nature and hear the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees in the forest. Hear the waves breaking on the rocks. That is where you will find silence so that you can finally hear your Spiritual Heart. Become you, just only you. Become your deepest self. Feel your heart. Your real heart. Your Spiritual Heart. Your Spiritual Heart that is able to love, to heal and to listen.

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