The blog referred to by the owner Wong Tu does not exist I am interested in knowing urgently how to install this program. After Extracting the files you get 5 or 6 executable files none of which works.

GTrecovery may be the most professional and powerful retrieval program, but unless you can install it you cannot judge, and any claims must be accepted by blind faith! I am saying this because there is no instructions on how to install the program Normally and in 99.9% of programs you can easily install by executing a file that is obvious, i.e. the file would be called setup.exe, or Program-name.exe, etc.. For this software after unzipping the folder you get 5 executable files, but none of them works. Actually one of the files is GTrecovery.exe, but again no cigar! On top of that almost all the links on Facebook are bust. I sent a message in Facebook seeking help about this a few days ago, but no reply. As for the web site there is no information except, "download and install" but no useful links except the 3 download pages, but no links , not even a contact option. I found the Facebook by accident after search for "GTrecovery"! Can anyone help please. I need to undelete urgently a SMS text file. Thank you.

How I get photos from my old keep safe app

Lost my phone and I've been trying to download keepsafe app to recover my pictures but i can't even find the app again. I need my pictures

How do I recover my pictures from my KeepSafe account? My phone keep saying KeepSafe has been shut down report problem

My phone lost and with it my keepsafe pics

I lost my google account and I cant open my keepsafe app,what can i do


how to get pics from keepsafe account.. changed phone.

I lost all my pics and files while formating the cell.Now don't know how to get back those pics and files
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