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CEO of Basho Adam Wray will talk about "Building NoSQL Platforms as a Service" at the next London Erlang User Group on 24 april from 6pm

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TONIGHT: Talk on Riak on AWS at Rovio, by Ari Talja, Technical director at Rovio (which is the company behind #angrybirds). Come along!

Interested in what challenges Rovio faced when deploying Riak at a huge scale? Join Ari Talja, Technical Director of Rovio for first-hand experience with Riak on AWS.

Running Riak or any database in a virtual environment is more challenging than running it on physical boxes. Rovio have used Riak in varying use cases in services of different scale and requirements. Sometimes, we've taken the hard way to learn how to implement our use cases correctly considering the possibilities and restrictions the environment and the tools have set to us.

Expect a 5 minute intro to Riak along with beer and pizza sponsored by Basho

As usual, the event will take place at Skills Matter and attendance is free for registered participants. You can register and find more info here:

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Start developing new software of Business Intelligence used riak on data warehouse #riak #python

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I note that commit latency is high (around 100 ms), so that is one price to pay for increased consistency. Still, Google thinks it is worth the costs:

"In all [eventual consistent] systems, we find developers spend a significant fraction of their time building extremely complex and error-prone mechanisms to cope with eventual consistency and handle data that may be out of date."

What are the consequences for Riak of this (perceived) move towards SQL-like databases?

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Hi all
     riak How to realize the fuzzy search?

Thank you very much!

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There is a new version of +Istvan Soos's Riak library available. #riak #dartlanguage

Hi all,
How to get auto increment key in a riak bucket instead of random key.
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