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Hi there!
PressureNet beta was published on TestingCatalog and shared with our community of beta testers. Happy testing!

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PressureNet 5.1 Beta is rolling out now, you should receive it in the next few hours.


- Improvements to current conditions flow

- UI fixes for temperature animations

- Other bugfixes, like the occasional empty notifications

APK also available here:

What ever happened to using the barometers in the iPhone 6(+) and the iPad Air 2? Does Apple forbid 3rd party apps from getting their hands on barometer data?

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PressureNet 5.0 Beta is rolling out! You should receive it in the next few hours. This is a big update. Join this Google+ Community ( and join the Beta program to test:


- The map now shows temperature forecasts for the next ~8 hours

- The UI is new! It's not quite material design yet, but it's much more modern and user-friendly. What do you think of this direction?

- A few features have been removed, like the barometer icons on the map as well as the contribution statistics, and condition animations.

PressureNet is going to become a proper weather app, and this release is our first step towards that goal.

I'm excited to hear your feedback on this beta! Thanks!

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PressureNet 4.6.0 Beta is out! This is a simple update with a couple of improvements:

- Fixing issues with weather notifications (no more alerts saying "light rain 9,000km North")

- Improving granularity of alerts: option to not be notified about clear or cloudy weather

What do you think?

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To Our Users: A Community Update

I used to be able to export all of my data going as far back as I had but now I'm only seeing that I can export up to a week in the past. How do I export it all?

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We're reaching out to app developers who may be interested in using our SDK to help expand our network and improve their apps! Announcing the PressureNet Developer Program:

I guess that reddit post killed the website 😊

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PressureNet 4.5 Beta is out! We're optimizing for you to share weather conditions with people nearby. The update includes a better UI for managing weather conditions, lots of bugfixes and new SDK features for Android developers.

What do you think of this release?

Also, do you notice any change in battery usage? We changed the location/GPS code significantly so I want to make sure we don't adversely affect battery life.

To download this beta, make sure to join our Google+ community and follow the link to download:


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