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Who worked out today? What did you do?
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Went On A Run
Hit the Weights
Stretched in place

This way to the stress free way of life.
Where you take care of yourself, feel good, ditch the stresses of modern day chaos, and do what feels right for you.
Whether you want to be known as the 9-5'rs, the desk jockeys, general population, stay at home moms, weekend warriors, or stoners, whatever stigma it may be, there are certain stresses and demands, that take place on your mind and body, that can really be solved with a much more pleasurable approach and even way of life.
Exercise is a positive thing. There is no doubting the benefits. But so is rest. Laziness, has its benefits. Splurging, has its benefits. But the drive to snap out of it must never lose us.
Pleasure vs addiction, Right vs wrong, good, bad...ditch the guilty pleasure and start seeing them as your simple pleasures.
If time doesn't allow you to exercise, if stress has you eating junk, and work is keeping you up from sleep,,,, As a G-Lete member, discussions can take place, comfort,and conversation can guide G-Letes to try one of the contrasting yet correlating vices for relief, instead of, alcohol, pills, anger, or frustration, otherwise known as "dealing with it".
Simply starting feeling it. Feeling good! Feeling whats right! Feeling Whats up! Feel it! Feel the body. Its talking to us everyday. The mind, the body and the spirit, listen on the inside, and share your moments with others.
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