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Main Characters:

Haruka Nanase (+нαяυ иαиαѕє 春七瀬​​)
Nagisa Hazuki ( +Nagisa Hazuki)
Rei Ryugazaki (+Ryūgazaki Rei 竜ヶ崎 怜​​​)
Makoto Tachibana (+Mαkσtσ Tɦe Cιnnαmσn Rσll)
Gou Matsuoka (+Gou Matsuoka)
Chigusa Hanamura
Miho Amakata

Rin Matsuoka (+Rin Matsuoka​​​​)
Sosuke Yamazaki ()
Nitori Aiichiro ()
Seijuro Mikoshiba (+Seijūrō Mikoshiba 御子柴 清十郎 )
Momotarou Mikoshiba ()

Goro Sasabe
Ren Tachibana (+Mαkσtσ Tɦe Cιnnαmσn Rσll)
Ran Tachibana (+Mαkσtσ Tɦe Cιnnαmσn Rσll)
Mr Tachibana
Mrs Tachibana
Mrs Tamura
Kisumi Shigino (+Kisumi Shigino)

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rin was walking through the park as a chilly wind picked up and he pulled the hood of his jacket over his head as he sat down at the base of a tree and pulled a book out of his bag and started to read it. A few hours later he was sound asleep leaning against the tree. He had been out of hospital for 2 months now and he was looking a lot better than when he was found. He still never spoke about why he left and he wanted to keep it that way

(open rp with Makoto)

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We're all so dashing.

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This group needs to be lively again


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rin had gone missing and it was worrying his team-mates and his lover as he had been missing for over 5 months. Posters were up all over town but there was never any sign of him. his house was all boarded up and the garden overgrown. No one had caught a glimpse of him or knew where he went

(open rp w/ +Tɦe Cιnnαmσn Rσll)
(p.s this is not a real poster just something i did for this rp)
(p.p.s not a real phone number either)

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rin lies on his bed staring at his phone which had been silent for days on end. He ditched school and barely ate as he was pretty much bedridden after Makoto had disappeared yet again

(open rp w/ +Mαkσtσ Tɦe Cιnnαmσn Rσll)

+Rin Matsuoka 
Is everything okay? I haven't seen you post in a while.

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{ Work In Progress }
// credit to the boy in blue

"Isn't that Makoto? Why is he alone?"

"What is your relation to those boys, Gou!?"

"Uwaaah! I wanna stay a second year forever!"

||~ηαмε αη∂ αρρεαяαηcε~||

Chigusa Hanamura

Her first name "Chigusa" means a thousand ways. "Chi" = thousand, "gusa" = way. Her last name "Hanamura" means something like flower village. "Hana" = flower, "mura" = village.

Hana - Chan (by Gou and Nagisa)

εүε cσℓσя
Chigusa's eyes are a teal-like color, being tint of light blue-green similar to Sousuke's.

нαιя cσℓσя
Chigusa has brownish orange hair styled in a high bun; it is held together with a pink barrette adorned with three small roses.

sкιη cσℓσя

~вισℓσgιcαℓ ιηғσямαтιση~




нσяσscσρε/zσ∂ιαc sιgη

165.5 (centimeters)
5"4' (feet)

52 kg
About 115 pounds

Mother - Unknown
Father - Unknown
Siblings - Unknown

Iwatobi Highschool

Second Year (first season)
Third Year (rarely mentioned, but second season)



~ρεяsσηαℓ ιηғσямαтιση~

There's rarely anything about Chigusa's past. But she;s been Gou Matsuoka's best friend since who knows when and had always been by her side, except for when Gou is off doing her business with the swim club.

Chigusa seems to be a very curious and inquisitive individual, since she cares a lot about Gou's relationship with Haruka, Makoto and Nagisa. She always forgets to address Gou as "Kou," which results in Gou getting upset and correcting her. In addition, she is considerably athletic; she runs much faster than Gou and she often has to stop and wait for Gou to catch up with her.

~αвιℓιтιεs αη∂ sтαтιsтιcs~

Chigusa can run much faster than Gou, showing much of her athletic side.

{ Estimated }
Stamina: 3/5
Body: 1/5
Mental Strength: 4/5
Logic: 4/5
Smile: 4/5

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Hi guys waves My name is Haruka Nanase, But please call me Haru. I do not like to be referred as Haruka because it is such a girly name. 
I am seventeen years old my birthday is June 30th. My height it 5'9''. 

I have some likes and dislikes but first let me begin with my likes. I LOVE to swim. So don't freak out if I start stripping because i'm always wearing my swim suit.  Second For my meals i always have to have Mackerel. It is the best fish ever. I like my team mates, Rei, Nagisa, Makoto, and I guess Gou counts to even thought she can't swim. 

I don't really have much dislikes except for cold weather which prevents me and my team from swimming. 

Some information about me is that I don't really talk a lot, i'm obsessed with the water, And i have limited facial expressions. 
Also warning i flip my hair a lot, don't ask me why i just do. 

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