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Henlo friends!
Its me shelbie, live and in action.
If you like twentyonepilots, panic!atthedisco, or emo bands in general,
embarrassing hot topic story times, or heated rants about things i dislike,
feel free to check out my hecking cool channel!
Stay alive frens I-/

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North American Leg
17 January - March 5, 2017
Complete schedule:
Animated Photo

Sorry for the spame but if any of you have clogged pours or pimples try mother jess's oatmeal and white clay face mask. her email is hher wedsite is
ingredents are:
Ground oatmeal
white cosmetic clay
lavender essential oil

mother jess hand makes all he products in readfield main message me to keep postad ((sorry for the spam

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+Tyler Brøseph
I had this idea and then u came to mind??)

"Blurryface is my favorite song!!!!!"

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Look what I got children

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Repost!(PS,I'm not gonna do the challenge,I'm just making the challenge.)Also,I ment to put "latest".

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t set
h me
e. F
j. oh no. R
u. E
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g. E
e. E
//I tried okay /-|
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