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(If I'm not allowed to post pics then let me know and I'll move it to my community)
Ms. P's face after checking Ben's Google history...

Who wants to start a rp?

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(Okay I'm basically remaking Black Blood into a better oc. Because I hate the way I made her back story. This same profile will go for all if my other communities)

Name: Black Blood
Real name: Clair Trent
Age: around 17
Gender: female
Weapon: lasso
Way of kill: suffocates her victims with her lasso
Occupation: works for Zalgo
Likes: Zalgo, killing
Dislikes: Slenderman, most of the creepypastas, drama queens
Skills: since she is a dead corpse she can rip off her head and other body parts and easily put them back on.

Bio: her mother was a pro scientist and always forced Clair to be her lab rat. Of course Clair hated it. One day her mom injected a black poisend liquid in Clair's blood. The experiment went great and Clair died. Her corpse stood up and her mother cheered with excitement. Clair's eyes are now black and red with black oozing out of her mouth and eyes. Her skin was a little paler and her arms and legs had the black poison stuff dripping down. " killed me! I feel so lifeless!" Clair's corpse grabbed a lasso next to her mother and wrapped it around her mom's neck. "This is what you deserve." Clair suffocated her mother and she died. Clair smiled and grabbed a roll of bandages and wrapped them around her arms and legs. "This is the new me. Black blood. A dead corpse. Haha!" ο»Ώ

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Name: Scarecrow
Age: around 17
Gender: female
Species: Scarecrow
Likes: coffee, killing, scythes, some people
Dislikes: Zalgo, humans, fire
Weapon: scythe
Friends: Korbyn Jumpingeagle
Bio: a boy built me on a farm. He used to visit me every day. Until he got older and got a girl friend. I got lonely of course. He was to busy with... That...girl! Zalgo found me and made me alive. I soon killed the girl who stole the guy who built me. The guy was very mad of course. He and his family brought out torches and tried to kill me. I ran away spilling tears. Zalgo saved me. After working for him I ran away to live with the creepypastas. (Art not mine)

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Name: Brook Morerose
Cp name: Bloody Rose
Age: 13
Gender: female
Weapon: teeth and claws
Enemies: Zalgo
Likes: victims blood, anything red, flowers
Dislikes: Zalgo, and sometimes Jeff and Ben
Bio: I was a normal 13 year old girl until Zalgo came in my dreams. I've heard of him before. He told me I was beautiful and he wouldn't to any harm. Then he said that I'm not beautiful enough to be his queen. Zalgo put a spell on me to make me look similar to him. I became angry. I randomly killed my parents and ran away. That bitch made me ugly! Then the Slenderman found me. The creepypastas were the only ones who didn't judge me by my appearance.

(The first pic is Brook before she killed)
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(It's been awhile since I used Black blood)
You wake up to see Black blood watching you sleep. She has her lasso in her hand. You...

Was up! Who wants to rp

open rp

you were in the forest looking for a victim, A girl runs past you. Oh wow theres that vivian lee B*tch again. Time to go kill her! (if ur a creepypasta)

rp anyone?

open rp

you were killing, people and there was only one victim left she was holding on to her headphones backing up. Your about to kill her.
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