Take a Breath and look at your Life, there is Light in your Heart. There are different voids but through Time and Space, there is still Hope. Your Blood runs through your body, Doom may enter your Life, but you still have all of Space and Time in your Life to cosplay Homestuck. If you don't believe me, ask people around you or ask the Homestuck communities. We have Hope that Hivebent will help our Heart breaks and live our Life. Your Mind does not end yet Rage fills you due to Homestuck ending. You are not alone...
-MX ((4/13/09 - 4/13/16))

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Name: Luna zukaira
Age: 6 sweeps
Species: troll
Gender: girl
Weapon: anything I find...
Likes : gamzee and tavros, cake(? Never had it, sounds good ), faygo, trouble, drawing, twenty-one pilots(human band), and trees
Dislikes: eridan and pie...

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Kankri Vantas

10 sweeps, 9r f9r an Earth human's c9venience, 23 human years

6l99d c9l9r, th9ugh I d9 n9t think it is imp9rtant, is 'candy red' a rarer tint 9f 6urgundy, that while many w9uld call it a 'mutant' red, mutant can 9ften 6e seen as a der9gat9ry term, and can 9ften trigger tr9lls such as myself

I als9 feel inclined t9 state that I am a celi6ate, s9 I w9uld prefer t9 n9t take part in any 'r9leplays' in relati9n t9 the ashen, pale, caligin9us, 9r ESPECIALLY red quadrants, thank y9u
^^^^ that up there? bullshit, don't pay attention to that
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So I had an idea, if any of you know of the Cards Against Humanity online game 'Pretend you're Xyzzy', I was hoping I could start a game of all Homestuck roleplayers in character. I would of course be Kankri, and probably the host. Anybody interested? I'll need at least three people other than myself on at the same time.

He sits in his own loneliness hugging a pillow in his hive. Porrim would usually try to help him when he was like this but he would always try and get her to leave, explaining that he was celibate and needed no moirail. This was one of those times that he would just cry to himself about how much he wished he could have a moirail or matesprite, or even be an ashen mediator. He usually locked the door to his hive during these sessions; he forgot to lock it this time.

(Open roleplay, preferably a dancestor or something, but please no ocs)

anyone wanna rp i havent done it in awhile

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Hello Eevweryone
Animated Photo

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Name: Shrire Kurlok
Age: 6 sweeps
Species: Troll
Weapon: Sythe
Quirk: Wh47 h4pp3n h3r3? Y-y0u d1d WH47!?!?!
Likes: Goth, rock n' roll, drawing, reading, herbs, faygo
Dislikes: long hair, Cronus, annoyed during drawing for writing

Shrire walks through the forest looking for ideas to draw when suddenly you come and say

is currently walking through the woods drinking a bottle of strawberry faygo...he chuckles and leans against a tree after awhile...he was completely lost and had no idea where he was...the troll was also very stoned from the amount of sopor slime he consumed... "wHeRe iN tHe MoThErFuCkInG hElL aM I?" he asked himself and chuckled,looking around ((open RP to anyone who wants to join))
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