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United for man and horse, we will support those who helps others!

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    When People and Animal Welfare Unite
People have been trying hard to unite the equestrian society with other meaningful charity events; unfortunately it has been more difficult than expected…
However, I have come up with the idea of affiliating both Equine Welfare and Cancer Associations, by hosting a gallery event with a tasteful artistic view point from humans to horses to raise awareness and funds for both horse and patient.
 Both parties have been going through great difficulty to survive the cruel world of today and yet the horse will always turn to fulfill the needs of our own, and the human would always be in need of the touch of a horse.
They say the eye of the horse can see through the soul of a human, they lift your spirit and sooth the mind.  Is that not exactly what the cancer patient/ survivor needs to continue life in a new perspective?
They also say a picture is worth a thousand words… why not show those who need a boost a few of those meaningful pictures?
What will the event consist of?
The gallery will be filled with the artistic eye of local photographers exclaiming the beauty, reality, love, emotion, the battle and the final joy of the results of cancer survival and equine therapy.  We will enjoy the sight of the pure beauty of a horse and we will see the reality in the eyes of the cancer patient – this night will be filled with emotions flying around the room, be sure to bring a tissue or two!
Funds and sponsors
This will be the difficult part; we would like to encourage anyone and everyone to donate enough money to benefit both cancer patients and the equine community, who shares their passion and horses with those who are in need of the therapy.  It is promised that the money or any other donations will be equally split between the selected associations.  Donations will be collected during the event by art sales and any other given donations. 
The art
There will be a great variety of art work to view and to buy.  It will contain professional work of local photographers and models, sharing the beauty of the human body in artistic and tasteful art work.  I would also love to see real images of cancer patients fighting the war of cancer; this is where the emotions will come in!
 There will be images showing the grace of a horse and bringing forward their role which is so well played, yet so often abused – here there will be ultimate emotions.  Unfortunately the horse world is constantly threatened by daily abuse and neglect – for once we will see the thousand words a horse would say in numerous situations.
Last but not least, we want to embrace the captured moments of cancer patients who have already been blessed with the bond of a horse – the joy which is unexplainable in words…
Ideas and Input
For anyone who would like to take part in this event, please feel free to join! We have not yet confirmed a date and venue for the event, so if you would like to be the host, the caterer or the photographer – you are welcome at any time – I can guarantee full appreciation from each party.
CHOSEN EQUINE WELFARE: EAPISA (Equine assisted psychotherapy Institute of South Africa)
VENUE: Anyone who would be interested in involving their venue with the event, please contact us.
Contact details:
Director and founder
Lizzy Martins
078 011 5096
Assistant director and photographer
Gerhard Conradie
Tau Photography
082 23724950
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