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Offer fiber sleeves
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Research suggests 15% higher penetration if subscribers have choice - open access vs. 1 provider. #openaccess #ftth

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The dawn of a new era has just began that brings about a change in the way we, the residents of Northside, will be embraced by leading edge technology that allows us to communicate and share our internet experience through a medium that is now familiar with many South Africans.

FTTH (fibre-to-the-home): Fibre reaches the boundary of the living space, such as a box on the outside wall of a home. Passive optical networks and point-to-point Ethernet are architectures that deliver triple-play services over FTTH networks directly from an operator's central office.

The age of Fibre to the Home, FTTH, is upon us. For South African to experience the full potential of the “Internet of things”, that next level of broadband delivery must be embraced.

Northside Fibre Project is a community-based project to drive the awareness and interest in getting an Optical Fibre infrastructure into our residential communities.

This forum together with the web portal will be the basis of driving the need, challenges and fulfillment is providing the necessary infrastructure to residents.

Our model is based on proven methods and technology that have been implemented in recent similar projects in the Western Cape. From this inaugural project our forum can take many of the lessons learnt to provide a smooth and seamless integration.

Residents that would like to show an interest in FTTH or would like to assist in the forum please comment below. Once the web portal is active residents and users will be able to register their interest in getting FTTH to their homes or complex.

Looking forward to exciting times of fast and reliable broadband in our community.

To infinity and beyond!
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