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Hey!! new face!!

same problem here .. latest unitedrpm update breaks network manager in fedora 25 and there is no other way than reinstall..

United RPM is generating an error in Fedora 25. The Wireless network no working after the update of some packages from the repository "unitedrpm"

Umited RPM esta generando error en Fedora 25. La red Inalambrica dejo de funcionar tras la actualizacion de algunos paquetes provenientes del repositorio "unitedrpm"

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Hi. I wonder if you can build opera with h.264 support. In ubuntu for example opera uses the chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra deb package with h264 support to work. in fedora there is no such package . the only solution is to install opera from russianfedora but I don't want to add that repo ..

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#Fedora25 Status es Go, el próximo 22 de Noviembre sera el pr´ximo lanzamiento de Fedora.

Hi, please what do you suggest for installing libdvdcss in a Fedora system that has your repo enabled and installed? Is Livna ok? sorry I'm just a bit of a newbie. Gracias for your work!

"How to check if your rpm is compromised?
And import and verify the GPG key"

Is it a sentence, a question, both, or a typo?

Please also: why not providing more info on the command you suggest to all of us to run (dnf distro-sync --allowerasing "x264*")?
For example I never enabled the Cisco repo in my F25 intallation... do I still need to do something.
I think there's a few newbie like that will find some additional info (and a better english, I'm not a native speaker too) useful.
Anyway thanks for your work :)

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ironic! hahaha

hi. can you please update opera package to opera stable (38 to 39?) . I have installed operabrowser from official repo but even if I have opera 39 from original repos from opera software, dnf keeps telling me to update to version 38 from unitedrpm repo. why is that? what can I do to avoid this every time I run dnf upgrade?
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