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Welcome to the new rebooted Okorna Nui Rp.
This is a hard reboot so a new story will have to be made, which will be made soon.
Please do repost your proflies in the respective category and the mods will reveiw them afterwards.

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Name: Veor Stormbringer
Eye Color: Blue, sometimes Black crackling with lightning
Mask: Hau, Mask of Shielding
Weapons: Lightning Blade.
Element: Shadows, Storm.
Species: Toa/matoran, Makuta (Sort of...)
-Shadow Control: Pretty straightforwards, he controls shadows.

-Summon Storms: Summons a storm, usually a large one.

-Cloak of Shadows: Wraps himself in shadows, which turns him invisible.

-Lightning Energy: When struck by Lightning he draws energy from it, and it actually helps him.

-Lightning Bolt: throws/shoots lightning.

-Charge Blade: He can electrify his sword.

-Night Vision: He see's in the dark, not really see's senses.

Weakness: Fire ((Sort of)), Highly lit underground areas, plastic ((The last one is a joke))

Bio: Veor is from a different universe, a universe with an island named Diellesx, he is the last toa of his kind, as the other toa died in a war, he killed his worlds Makuta in a battle, with the help of Lightbringer, a Jungle Toa, when the battle was over the Lightbringer had died, and the other force of the island, the city dwellers were hunting Veor down, so Veor in response ran, Veor ended up on the island of Tara Nima, from which he eventually got scattered over the multiverse, ending up here, and in many different worlds.

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Name: Nick, the Dragon Hunter
Power level: Powerful
Race: Toa (Of Senses)
Immunities None
Weaknesses: Incorporeal creatures.
Powers: Magic Tracking, Power leeching, Charge blade, create flaming rain, Scales.
 Magic tracking: As long as he has a trace of someone or even a trace that he was there, Nick can track the person with magic and find where he is.
 Power Leeching: Nick grows in strength the more people use powers on him. This extra strength leaves him after he rests and he must find a new fight to grow in strength again.
 Charge Blade: Charges powerful magical energy into blade to do more damage.
 Create flaming rain: Creates a storm of magical aptitude where it literally rains fire down on enemies. Nick is immune to his own rain. This rain isn't enough to harm people majorly. It can however catch wood on fire and also cause somewhat of pain in people hit by it. It's nothing major but Nick uses it mainly to get rid of natural cover such as trees and other flammable things.
 Scales: Nick has absorbed partial Dragon powers such as the ability to breath fire and resist it somewhat. He cannot fly but has the toughness of a dragon’s scales.
Age: 37 (human terms)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Bio: Nick grew up in a village threatened by a evil dragon. This dragon demanded sacrifices and live matoran to eat. Nick studied his books of magic for a while and found a duplicating spell. He thought it would make him able to duplicate the dragon’s powers to him and combining his good magic skills he could save the town.
However when he used it he meshed himself with the dragon. Making him part dragon as well. He swore to stop any evil that he met. The Matoran would not believe how he was one with the dragon and thought he killed it so they gave him the title Dragon hunter. Nick later killed another Teen Dragon that was disrupting a trade route and thus he kept the head on his back as a warning of his power. He is a skilled tracker using magic to find his enemies. 
But his victories were short lived as he was forced to fight a Dragon so big it put Mata Nui to shame. Nick was slapped and almost killed but then instead of death he used his magic to teleport to a different plane. The dragon however was able to try and stop him. Nick’s soul power was hence split into multiple planes of existence. Once they all combine he will finally have his full power back, until then he must adventure in this land with what he has.
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It was dark and rainy and the clap of thunder sounded every couple of minutes. The clock tower stood above all other building and when its glowing face hit 12 am the entire night sky turned as white as snow and a single figure rained from the sky. After a couple of seconds it died down and the figure laid on the foot of the tower in rusted armor surrounded by a pool of blood. Oneiroi stood in his blood stained armor looking towards the clock face. He has come (open)

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Name: Oneiroi

Age: Unknown

Species: Toa

Element: nightmare

Alignment: good

Weapons: sword, nightmare sword (use only on beings he sees fit)

Other equipment: adamantium armor with mythril chain

Powers: to create and control one's worst fear, purple lighting, clone

Mask: kanohi pehkui (it allows the user to shrink, hardly ever used)

Bio: just a wondering hero

(Ok sry for the photos he is going thru a bit of a revamp on the left, the right is his old form
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Name: Tiranus
Age: 39
Strength: Strong enough to defy 600 pounds of gravity forced upon him.
Dexterity: Really quick to block attacks, but not quick enough to get a hit off at someone who is higher skilled than he is.
Intelligence: Extremely intelligent. He is after all a surgeon, a minor nuero-scientist, minor chemist, and skilled doctor/medic
Race/Species: Vakien
Gender: Male
Known Languages: English
Likes/Loves: His job, his powers, and exotic foods
Dislikes/Hates: War, working for the wrong side, death, and pain
Alignment: Good, (works with the king of Kiaku)
Home: Kiaku City
Fighting: Not the best of all fighters. He isn’t all that good at hand to hand combat, however, he likes to use his powers to his advantage to block, hit, or distract his opponents so he can at least hit them hard enough to knock them out.
White Matter-He uses this to form objects such as weapons, armor, or tools. He can also use it to power certain things since it has an electrical property. This power is determined on how strong he is. If he beaten up pretty bad, he won’t be able to use his powers as efficiently.
Lightning-He can control and summon extremely powerful bolts of lightning that can fry almost anyone from the inside out. He uses his staff to direct the bolts, because if he touches the bolts, he will electrocute himself. This comes from his white matter power. He can make a static field around him, which is where he summons the lightning from. He can also use this power large machines if he would like.
Mask: None
Armor: Strong iron alloy that is resistant to breakage, but not to external heat.
Weapons: Lightning staff. This is his primary weapon. He can use this to guide lightning to a target, and he can use it as a staff to hit or stab opponents with. With his power, he can create any kind of sword he can think of.
Weakness: Since he almost always has a static electricity field around him, his biggest weakness is water. If his body is every immersed in water, he could electrocute himself and die.
Personality: Happy, curious, a problem solver. He likes to think in the future rather than the past. He doesn’t usually let other people bring him down. When he is working though, he tends to be very serious.
Back Story: Tiranus once served in the Vakien army in the Okorna Nui war. He was a medic. During the war he was a good soldier. But he never killed anybody. When in training, they asked him to shoot someone, and he didn’t. He never liked death, that’s why he became a medic.
During the war, he had many close encounters with death. But he managed to survive.
Finally the war ended brutally and he got out as quickly as possible. He fled to other islands in hopes of escaping. And sure enough he did.
Sone years later he stumbled upon Kiaku. He landed on its shores and set out to go to the city. But then he encountered a Hordika and was bitten. He became very sick and finally turned into one of the savages. In his animal like state, he found a way into the city and preyed on helpless Matoran. Until one day, Necrome found him in an alley, eating a Matoran body. Necrome quickly captured him and then took him to the hospital to be cured. Sure enough he was returned back to normal and then met Necrome, another Vakien. The two became distant friends not long after.
Later he met Cyrus, the lead medical director. He wanted a job so Cyrus took him in and now he works as an apprentice in the Kiaku Hospital.

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Name: Ethel
Age: 32
Strength: Moderately Strong. She can break through solid metal walls with just her fists if she wanted to.
Dexterity: She is very fast. Usually when fighting she can move so fast around someone and then knock them out. Not only that bust she is fast enough to run and jump from rooftop to rooftop on high buildings, and she can run almost as fast as the transit trains, but her endurance is not very strong.
Intelligence: Extremely smart. She has the IQ of a rocket scientist (actually smarter) all because of a reversed neuro-toxin in her brain. She knows how to make her own chemical formulas, and has already created 11 new elements. Not only that but she is an engineer and architect. She built and designed every building in Kiaku City.
Race/Species: Glatorian/Toa
Gender: Female
Known Languages: Matoran, English, Tenerian, and an ancient Matoran language known only on the planet of Bara Magna
Likes/Loves: Her husband, Necrome; Her kids, Amatex, Torvex and Kauli; drawing and designing things, creating and building things by hand, and soup.
Dislikes/Hates: Anyone who would threaten her city, family or herself.
Alignment: Good (Queen of Kiaku)
Home: Kiaku City, but she lives outside of the gates in a secluded home in the woods with her husband, Necrome.
Fighting: She is a very skilled fighter. She knows different kinds of martial arts, and is fast enough to dodge most attacks. She is also very skilled in using weapons in fights, be that her rifle, or her ax.
Ice: She has the power to make ice at will, which is much colder than any ice. It’s so cold that it can be used to contain radiation and can also put someone in stasis. She can also use it to form weapons, such as: ice spikes, an ice ax (which is actually infused with energy to make it stronger), swords and in some cases bullets.
Water: She uses this to fuel her healing property and her ice power. But she can also use it to make large waves in the ocean as well as creating rivers from other rivers or streams.
Healing: She can use her water and energy power to heal small wounds, sword wounds, bullet wounds, and sometimes she can cauterize severed limbs. However she can recreate limbs.
Energy power: She can use this form armor around herself and make shields and weapons.
Mask: Kanohi Natia, Mask of Water and Ice.
Armor: An alloy she created herself out of a super dense (but light), heat and radiation resistant metal only found on Kiaku. But also she can use her energy capabilities to form an extra layer of armor around her body, as well as her helmet. That is impenetrable, but only can be penetrated by another energy weapon.
Ice ax: An ax made of ice and energy
Rifle: A fully automatic rifle that can shoot a variety of ammunition.
Weakness: She doesn’t do well in dry environments, around heat and fire, and can only go so long with her powers, they are limited. If she uses all of her power, she will most likely pass out until she is able to absorb water again.
Personality: She is controlling, serious, and mean at times to those who like to disobey her orders. She is happy at other times when she is around her family.
Back Story: Ethel once lived on a planet called Bara Magna. For the longest time she worked as a Glatorian who fought in the arena for money and the chance to win the tournament. However she was never that good at fighting, she usually lost at the fifth day of the tournament. But one day a race called the Tenerians declared war on the Glatorians.
Although, the whole race didn’t declare war, it was the Leader of them all that did. The Tenerians never wanted war, but they ended up getting dragged into it anyway.
On the other side of the war, Ethel was drafted into the Glatorian army. There, she was trained. From there, though, she trained her way to the top, beating even the highest ranking members in the army and surpassing them. Until she became a leader of her own. She led a special unit meant for capturing enemy soldiers. She and her team captured many soldiers and then took them back to base to be interrogated. She was the lead interrogator, and when she stepped into the room, things tended to be a bit…messy. She had 100% success rate with interrogation and that earned her a spot in a special unit, the front line unit. She and another soldier by the name of Semtex fought side by side together.
But in the meantime, Megalodon, the king of the Glatorians, was building a shit to get the hell of the planet.
It wasn’t before long, the massive ship was finished. The war was nearing an end. Megalodon ordered all Glatorians, Agori, and Matoran to board the ship. That would leave all Tenerians and any other race on the planet.
Then, the ship took off. Once it was out of the atmosphere, Megalodon did something he never regretted. Four nuclear missiles were launched from the ship. And then they hot the planet, nuking it, destroying it. Every being on the planet died. Including all of the Tenerians.

Eventually the ship crash landed on Kiaku, on another planet. There, Megalodon built his city from the ship.

After the city was build, Ethel became something known as a Toa-Kii. The first was her brother C4. And the Second was Semtex. She was only made into a Toa because of an act of bravery and strength that almost killed her.

Over time, she left the island of Kiaku and explored other islands, including Okorna Nui, where she met Necrome. Though, he was already married, him and her made a great team as they worked together to solve problems. Until something happened to his wife. He was torn from the inside. But she was there beside him the whole time. They stayed together, and not before long they married each other. They moved Back to Kiaku as well. They then had their two kids, Amatex and Torvex, and third, adopted one, later.

But then something happened to Megalodon, the former king of Kiaku. He went insane and tried to kill the Toa. But that only ended in his death by the hands of Necrome. Although, Megalodon allowed himself to be killed, since it wasn’t him attacking.

After Megalodon died, Necrome became king, making Ethel queen.

But just as everything settled, a meteor hit the planet and destroyed everything they created. After everything settled again, they began to rebuild. She designed all of the buildings and helped build them.

Several years later, the city was back together again to the way it is now. Now, she lives with Necrome and her children in a secluded house in the woods outside of Kiaku City.

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