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Warren Buffet Donates About $2.9 Billion To Charity

Warren Buffet has been known for his hefty charitable donations. Every year he manages to break his own record. This year, he has donated around $2.86 billion worth shares to various charities. In previous years, he donated $2.8 and $2.84 billion dollars.

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URGENT !! Relief wanted for Sri Lankan Flood Victims!
Wanting to help someone? here's your chance. Let's Show the Sri Lankan Flood Victims Some Love!! Please consider helping and sharing!! #Flood #SriLanka #Relief #charity #donate

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Walk with me when ur hearts needs company, take my hand when u feel all alone, turn to me when u need some1 to lean on, coz I'm a friend u can always depend on

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Save #paediatric #brain tumor foundation to save thousands of #childs life.
This #tshirt is designed for the Fathers Day. Please do maximum share to save the affected #childs.
Also wear this Tee with loud and proud if you like your #Daddy.

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Luck is not in ur hands, but work is, ur work can make ur luck Gud day, Gud luck

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When clouds break rain falls.
When coconut break water falls.
when love break tears falls
when friendship break life falls
so never break friendship.

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The Perfect reason why a seesaw was made for two persons?

So that when u go down, there would always be someone special to lift u up again..!!

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Why we make friends ???

they understand
just by looking in ur eyes

u can say
something stupid or
expose ur deepest
secrets to them

they believe in
ur dreams, no matter
how silly they may seem

they love u
for what u r

& finally

everything u do together
becomes a memory

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. (Hebrews 13:16)
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