This community is dead! 0_0

Hey guys! Sadly, Warmerise is down until summer of 2017 - incase you haven't noticed. Its getting (supposedly) redone. Gl Hf till then!

I am Efsanesow I am banned 😱😱😱😱

Join my clan AzgarDianS- We are arch enemies of the clan DarkNights. We need all the support we can get while facing the menace from the dark.

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so yeah making hopefully 2 per weekend.

how do I create an accoun

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So that's why +GreenFlare10 Minecraft has a goat!

Hey guys Adam here so I've finally found a way to play this epic storyless FPS by creating a community server! Here's how to do it:

1. Open up Warmerise and select "Create Server" on the Main Menu
2. Name it "G+ Warmerise"
3. Choose ANY map
4. Set the player limit to 20
5. If the map has vehicles, make sure to turn them on
6. Set the Gamemode to TDM
7. Select private and set the password to "Community"
8. If you want, you may turn NUKE mode on
9. Make sure to search if the server has already been made. If so, no need to create it.
10. Only ONE G+ server at a time

I surely hope this brings the players of Warmerise closer as a community. Also looking for new moderaters! Just post your IGN and I'll take a look at your Warmerise profile! Thx! :D

playing warmerise, server name is       Green Server          password is potatoes
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