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Secret Id: jay el Kent
Superhero name: green arrow
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: human and
Appearance: Height 6ft, weight 132lbs, fit, and looks like Roy Harper
Equipment: Bow and Arrows
Family: +Oliver Queen​ and +Felicity Smoak​Team Arrow
Alliance: just started as a hero
Affiliations: Student at star city high school
Skills: Hacking, Battle
Powers: 50% Superhuman strength
trained by: red arrow and Green Arrow
Weaknesses: same thing that'll kill a human
Bio: Born from Lois Lane and Clark Kent with a . when jayke was born he did have only alot of Superman's powers and super strength, Jayke didn't want to be in Superman's shadow so he left to Star City where he saved a persons life from burning to death in a fire then he runs into Green Arrow himself. Green Arrow saw full good in jayke and took him in and trained him Oliver thought he would make a good new Red Arrow and Jason had to make it clear to Oliver too that he doesn't want to be a copy. He tells Oliver let him join him as green Arrow.. +Oliver Queen​exepts his offer and make him a green arrow costume and he became the the green arrow
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Stray wolf
> 137 years
5'3" | 160 cm
300 lbs | 136.1 kg
Lone wolf,angry, and bit of a temper
[born where]
kilo tech
Healing factor, superhuman strength and speed, animal empathy and senses, cybertronian armor, can resist mind control, and immune to disease
Wolverine claws
strongest and hardest metal in the universe.
And 12 inches long
At the special weapons project called kilo tech this where he was created and took the name stray wolf. against stray wolf's will a scientist name dr kilo mike son infused his body with Antarctic vibranium. Dr kilo son also turn him into an animalistic killing machine. There result stray went crazy and slaughtered everyone at kilo tech so the experiment was a complete success. after wondering the wilderness stray wolf was discovered by rebels who molded him into a real hero. Stray wolf find a place to call home. he's a lone wolf and doesn't like Relying on others and got a bit of temper. Pest him off to much something snap and stray wolf will enter the berserker rage. In this state stray wolf loses all self control and ignores all pain as he is consumed by the animalistic killer instant that's still deep within him by dr kilo mike all those years ago.

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Name: cathrin love wane
Hero name: kitty

Powers: no real powers Fighting taught to me by my mother and father (Catwoman and batman) robin teaching me acrobatics
Weakness: not knowing a villains fighting style or having her nails cut back ( a weapon in its own way)
Nationality: British american
Accsent: has be taught any language and accent
Sexuality: bisexual
Race: white
Personality: hyper fun and bipolar
Villan or hero: hero
Team: none yet but fights with robin sometimes
Likes: likes almost anything sept things she was forced to eat, likes to run around till out of breath
Dislikes: pickles, being behind people who walks slow, hurting loved ones being lied to
Hobbies: running, drawing, singing ( is a chorus singer and best one in her school
Apperince: pictures for apprerince
Personality: fun, bipolar, energetic, loving
Family: Catwoman, batman, robin
Pet: none but has a stuffed animal cat she crys into sometimez
I was born in 2001, from then on I was cramming for learning , fighting, runnwell defence etc, my father being in the justice league gave me a one way ticket into the young justice league along with robin, as he trained and watched us me and robin of course got in trouble and I always took to blame for him if he was really hurt from a battle. Robin is protective and even gets mad when I talk to my guy friends but he only dose it cause he considers me his sister. I fight for justice and hate seeing people hurt, she even once stopped a concert she was singing at to save a woman's life, she has a red and white suit, but it can transform into a black one like her mothers. She fights well and her legs are her strongest body parts, she kicks so hard she can send males and females to the hospital from kicking them in their genitalia. She is scared of storms and sings herself to sleep sometimes when she's been crying she has seen her father hurt so much that she heals him and Robin after a fight and has a doctors degree (even though she's 14)
She also have a secret of watching my little pony and watch it at night
Crush: I have a crush on a red head in a yellow suit he's very cute to me but I like dark haired boys as well
Other: she likes staying warm
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._. Is this alive

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[Young Justice] We Didn't Come For A Playdate:

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BATMAN cave or batwing

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I'm steaming and mad at my teacher

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Name: Artemis Crock
Alias: Artemis
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Weapon: Bow and trick arrows' crossbow
Skills: Master Archer and skilled martail arts
Bio: that's confidencial
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