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Feed me or Obama gets it ,cat thug life

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She is a lyer,and ,anyone who still supports her ,wtlf is wrong with you

Needles and sharp objects allow you to see how your victim feels,and who they are

The best way to get revenge on someone is to crack their family's neck ,then they don't fuck your life up anymore, and people wonder why I'm mean ,well,i lost my dinighty and ,life is about pain, no such thing as hope

My childhood was shit ,assholes,ya got what you wanted parsons,you made a psychopath, thanks alot

Anyone who's a bully can go jump in piranha filled water

To all the bullys,I'll pee on you like rkelly

Sometimes i feel like my life is part of a sick joke

Would people be happy if I get rid of my self ,i mean ,it's like the world wants me to kill myself

I understand people ,simply cause no one cares about me ,or thinks I matter,thinks I should die,so I get it ,I'm here as a tool ,to please people and be sad with no one who likes me for me
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