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Happy #MemorialDay!  So thankful for those that have served our country and some that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom today.
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Who is going to conference?  Did you fill out the eventbrite registration for our Team?  Fill it out, so we can keep you up to date with all of our Team Events during the weekend!

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I think that sometimes direct sales gets a bad rap. I LOVE that it gives moms the opportunity to be part of a team, earn some money and have a flexible schedule.
When you get invited to a friends jewelry, clothing, handbag or skincare party, look at it as a way to purchase something you were already planning to buy, but are buying it from a friend so that they can stay home with their kids and help pay the bills.
If you are looking to get into direct sales, find something that you are passionate about and give it a try. As you can see from watching this clip from the today Show, there are many companies to choose from.

It's a brand new month!  April 1st!  Besides playing tricks on your kids, what are your plans to work your business? 
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Hi, I'm Robin Brooke, Executive Director and Presidential Founder, with South Hill Designs.  I started withe the company, 6 days after their pre-launch in October 2012.  I fell in love with the product, and the company immediately, and began my journey with Direct Sales.  I am married to my husband Paul coming up o n 15 years, and together we have 4 children.  I am a part time teacher, and also work at my children's school.  We live in Northern California and love it here, despite the cost of living!  :)
South Hill Designs, has changed our lives, providing for my family, paying for the needs of my children, and providing a roof over our heads.  2 years ago, when I began with SHD, we were hit by the downturn of the economy, I had lost my job, we were in the middle of losing our home, and our future was unclear.  God truly blessed us, when South Hill Designs came into our lives.  We are finally digging ourselves out of the debt we have, hope to buy another home someday, and we are healthy and happy.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Please Introduce yourself!  And let's get this group going!  +Marnee Bene and +Terese Ciaccio 

Hi, My name is Terese Ciaccio, National Director with South Hill Designs. I started with SHD the first week that we launched. It has been so much fun and a fabulous experience! Robin love that you created this page for your AMAZING team!! x
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