Engineers Specialists
Office has different kinds of experiences in the field of Design Engineering enters our daily work, in the projects that we do and the services we provide. Resulting from decades of dynamic, they inspire architects and our engineers and specialists to build new things and come up with bold solutions to complex problems. In different fields which each follows: -
Landscape Architecture
Mechanical Engineering
Water Resources

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Architectural design:-
In order for elegant and economically-sound structures to come to life, we envision architectural design as a symbiosis of elements. Working best when attuned to the requirements of the client, our projects consider the nature of local construction techniques and materials as they engage in a dialogue with their environment and immediate context.
office endeavors to implement creative and sustainable design practices into all its projects, integrating its architecture with engineering disciplines and other services, from inception. Our architectural expertise comprises:◾Project identification
◾Site selection and planning
◾Architectural design
◾Integrated building design
◾Interior architecture
◾Theming and branding
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