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Please use the Appsi testers community instead of this one.

This community is much more up to date.

Pls how do i pay for more plug in

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I recently discovered Appsi and really like it so far.
Trying to get a handle on the plugins. Is there one bundle for all of them or must I get each one separately?
Can they be tested before purchase?
Is there nice complete list of them from you?

forgive me if this was mentioned before and forgive me for just realizing this too but now that I'm noticing something seems off.

before I got the appsi power pack there were only 2 tabs (home and appsi). but then I bought the pack which gave me a three in 1. that's not the issue. the issue however is that I'm just now realizing that the appsi tab and the apps tab don't appear to have any difference. in fact I'm not even sure why the apps pack was even thought up since the appsi tab appears to be just that.

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is what the difference is between appsi and apps. like what makes the apps tab different from the appsi tab? I think I'm missing something 

I think the app is great and for support I did have bought the apps and contacts plugin.

I think it would be nice if appsi would make submaps in the app and contacts plugin. Like that you can make an own list and if you tap it it would unfold in a list with the apps or contacts that are added in there. And maybe a little triangle in front of the list name so you can see rapidly that it is a list you have made.

Sorry if my English isn't very super but it isn't my native language.


Would love an option to hide apps of my choosing in Appsi. You know, like you can in Launcher app drawers. Get tired of seeing pro/premium unlock icons in the sidebar.

Has this app been abandoned?

Haven't had an update in 6 months or something like that.

Haven't seen any activity from +Nick Martens in this community since march.

Backup, return to top & some additional theming options are but a few of the updates we'd all like to see.

You still supporting this app Nick?
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