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Welcome to the United States Coast Guard Community, I am an Ensign in the Coast Guard, and I hope you all enjoy and love the page. This page is for the United States Coast Guard, and Coast Guard Reserve. As well as for those who support the U.S. Coast Guard, Coast Guard Reserve.
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Representing a ship in a realistic manner is difficult, representing a storm damaged one is almost impossible. #art #sailing #yachting

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3-dimensional art offers not only an infinite number of views but also, tremendous amounts of information.

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Little is known of the early United States Coast Guard also known as the United States Revenue Marine. Its ships and their crew are equally unknown. I attempted to expand the history of the service by creating a 3-dimensional painting of the US Revenue Marine Topsail Schooner: Robert Morris, as it might have appeared in 1841. As it was pursuing a ship on the horizon, I titled it: In Pursuit.

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The Silencing OF Believers, Methodically AND Subversively

IT BEGAN WITH REMOVING The Holy Bible, FROM Our Schools, THEN REMOVING Prayer, BY Students, IN Our Schools, EVEN TO FORBIDDING The Recitation OF The United States OF America’s Pledge of Allegiance. After All, IF YOU WANT TO ATTACK A SOCIETY, ATTACK ITS’ CHILDREN, FIRST. Recently, The MENTIONING OF The Names of Jesus Christ OR GOD Almighty, HAS BEEN FORBIDDEN TO BE Spoken OR Uttered, BY Students OR BY Faculty!

NEXT, ATTACK THE REST (i.e. Adults), BY FORBIDDING Prayer, BY ANYONE, During OR Associated WITH Government OR ANYWHERE Governmental Funding IS USED, Some Examples INCLUDE (BUT NOT Limited to): Extracurricular Activities (INCLUDING Sporting Events AND Social Clubs), Governmental Meetings, AND MORE. Basically, ANYTHING OR ANYONE, Which USES OR ACCEPTS Governmental Funding OF ANY KIND, IS FORBIDDEN TO Pray!

NEXT, ATTACK The Government, ITSELF, BY REMOVING ANY AND ALL Reminders OF What Our Laws ARE BASED UPON, For Example: GOD Almighty’s Ten Commandments. Even Though, ALL OF Our Laws ARE BASED UPON GOD Almighty’s Ten Commandments!

NOW, The United States OF America’s Founding Documents (Declaration OF Independence, United States Constitution, AND The United States Bill OF Rights) ARE UNDER ATTACK, FOR Supposedly Being “Outdated”, BUT THIS REASON IS A LIE!

THE TRUE REASON, The United States OF America’s Founding Documents ARE UNDER ATTACK, IS BECAUSE THESE DOCUMENTS, PRAISE GOD Almighty, AND GIVE GOD Almighty ALL THE GLORY, FOR Establishing THIS NATION, AND TRUSTING GOD Almighty TO Maintain THIS NATION! That’s Right, Our Founding Fathers (of The United States OF America), Who Created These Documents AND THIS NATION, GAVE GOD Almighty ALL THE GLORY, FOR THE CREATION OF The United States OF America, AND THIS IS A FACT!

NEXT, Our Monetary System IS UNDER ATTACK, Because They Want TO REMOVE The Statement, “IN GOD WE TRUST” FROM Our Monetary System, BOTH Paper Money AND Coins, BY GOING TO A “Cashless System” They Can Circumvent Our Monetary System, THEREBY Making The Removal OF “IN GOD WE TRUST” A Moot Point, Since an Electronic Monetary System Would NOT Have IT.

NOW, Back TO The Issue OF The Holy Bible; They ARE Demanding The Removal OF The Holy Bible, FROM Hotels, Doctor’s Offices, Hospitals, etc. Basically, The GOAL IS THE REMOVAL OF ACCESS TO The Holy Bible, EVERYWHERE!

Now, These Same People, WILL NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THIS, AS Persecution, BUT I Completely Disagree, THIS IS, BY DEFINITION, PERSECUTION!

Let’s LOOK AT A Quick Summary, TO SEE IF THIS IS TRUE: The REMOVAL OF The Holy Bible; The FORBIDDING OF Prayer; The FORBIDDING OF Mentioning OR Uttering The Names OF GOD Almighty OR Jesus Christ; The DENOUNCING OF Our Founding Documents, BECAUSE They Mention GOD Almighty; The DENOUNCING OF Our Monetary System, BECAUSE IT Mentions GOD Almighty; AND Finally, The DENOUNCING OF Posting Reminders OF GOD Almighty’s Ten Commandments, Which ALL OF Our Laws ARE BASED UPON.

IN SHORT, THIS WILL NOT STOP, UNTIL The ONLY Time Believers Can Express Our Faith, IS TO EACH OTHER, IN Our Churches AND IN Our Homes, BUT Make NO Mistake, EVEN THEN, We (Believers) WILL BE ATTACKED AND BETRAYED, AND Eventually, Thrown INTO Prison AND EVEN PUT TO DEATH.

Fellow Believers, We Will NOT Let THIS ATTACK, DETER Us, FROM Our Responsibility OF Sharing The Gospel OF Jesus Christ, We Can NOT AND We Will NOT!

But let me suggest Saying A Prayer, for These People, by sharing with you, The Prayer I Recite. My Prayer FOR THESE PEOPLE (Unbelievers) IS THIS:

“FATHER GOD (GOD Almighty), My Prayer FOR ALL Unbelievers, IS That IF They Are Asleep YOU Would WAKE Them UP, AND IF They Are Awake, OR Once They Are Awake, YOU WOULD STRIKE Them (Unbelievers), WITH THE FEAR OF GOD, DRIVE Them (Unbelievers) TO Their Knees, MAKE Them (Unbelievers) BEG FOR FORGIVENESS, REPENT OF Their sins, TURN FROM Their Wicked Ways, ASK Jesus Christ TO COME INTO Their Hearts, TAKE CONTROL OF Their Lives, THROUGH The Holy Spirit, THAT They May WORSHIP THE ONE TRUE GOD, YOU, FATHER GOD, THE ONLY GOD, THERE HAS EVER BEEN, OR EVER WILL BE.”

Fellow Believers, We KNOW, We WILL BE IN GOD Almighty Immediate Presence, WITH Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, GOD Almighty’s Holy Angels, AND All The Rest OF The Children OF GOD Almighty, For Eternity, Forever!

Revelation 3:10

Because YOU (Believers) Have KEPT My (Jesus Christ’s) COMMAND TO Persevere, I (Jesus Christ) ALSO Will KEEP YOU (Believers) FROM THE HOUR OF TRIAL (The Great Tribulation), Which Shall COME UPON The Whole World (Satan’s World), TO TEST Those (Unbelievers) Who Dwell ON The Earth.

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

For The LORD (Jesus Christ), Himself, WILL DESCEND FROM Heaven, WITH A SHOUT, WITH The VOICE of an Archangel, AND WITH The TRUMPET OF GOD (GOD Almighty). And The Dead IN Christ (Dead Believers) WILL RISE First. THEN We (Living Believers) WHO ARE ALIVE and REMAIN, Shall BE CAUGHT UP TOGETHER, WITH Them (The Dead IN Christ), IN The Clouds, TO MEET The LORD (Jesus Christ) IN The AIR. And Thus We (Believers) Shall ALWAYS BE WITH The LORD (Jesus Christ).

The Being Caught Up Together May Occur IN The Next Millisecond, So, There IS NO Time TO Waste, GET OUT There, Show YOU Care, AND Share The Gospel OF Jesus Christ.

©Stan Arney
Stand with GOD Almighty, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit, Always, and They will Always, Stand with YOU !!!!!!!

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