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I noticed how so far the majority of people ignored the profile template...
I'm sorry but even though anything goes, I do have rules. Don't worry though, there's not many.
1. No "Repost this or..." posts
2. No rude pictures
3. Ask another Role player if it's ok to kill their character if necessary in that instance.
4. If your character does die in a RP it is only dead in that RP, it doesn't have to be dead forever

That's all I can think of for now so, have fun! :D

Um......... are human/trainer Oc's allowed......??? Because the Oc forms only have info to fill out for a pokemon Oc.

1.can you only be Pokemon?
2. if number 1 is yes is there a evil team (such as team rocket)
3. is there gym leaders
4.if 2 is yes may I be the team leader?
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