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I noticed how so far the majority of people ignored the profile template...
I'm sorry but even though anything goes, I do have rules. Don't worry though, there's not many.
1. No "Repost this or..." posts
2. No rude pictures
3. Ask another Role player if it's ok to kill their character if necessary in that instance.
4. If your character does die in a RP it is only dead in that RP, it doesn't have to be dead forever

That's all I can think of for now so, have fun! :D

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Name: Kazumi

Gender: Female

Species: Ninetales/Chandelure

Age: 27

Level: 35

Item: Black collar

Moveset: Flamethrower,shadow tag (hidden ability),Flash fire

Bio: Kazumi lived in Lavender town and was neglected and abandoned by a horrible trainer.She committed suicide and after she died she appeared to be a fusion of a ghost and fire type Pokemon,Ninetales and Chandelure.Kazumi appeared to look like a nine-tailed nogitsune but haunts and curses humans she didn't trust at all.

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Marik Ravana (Muh reek, Ruh vah nuh.)
Bio- She was rescued by Celebi when she was a baby from team Plazma, then was found by a pack clan of Zorua & Zoruark. After being found by the pack, she was raised by them & the other pokemon in the Lostlorn Forest. When she was 12, she decided to go out on her own on an adventure with her newfound human friend Chris. Before departing for her adventure, though, Chris, his friends, & the pokemon in the Lostlorn Forest had decided to throw a going away/birthday masquerade for Marik. Unfortunately, that's when Team Plazma struck back hard on the Lostlorn Forest & a certain member ended up defeating Chris & mysteriously disappear with him & his pokemon completely. Afterwards, Marik's mother Zoruark, Mamma Zoey, broke the news that she wasn't Marik's mother, nor were any of the other pokemon or pack her family. Completely sad, hurt, scared, & petrified, Marik accepted this then kept her promise & started her trek. Before leaving the forest, the pack's Illusai (Illusion master, Shaman/Shawoman.), Nanna Zahra, gave her a special gift as a going away present- the necklace she wears around her neck, which has a stone that allows others, herself, & the pokemon nearby to be able to understand each other perfectly clear for 5-15 minutes. With that, Marik was off. With only her pack brother Zoro (a shiny Zorua), & her best friend Zarae (a shiny Charmander), she headed towards Icirrus City to get another pokemon. Once they got there, they skillfully stole a newly hatched shiny Eevee & made a run for Kalos in one of Skyla's planes.

Appearance- Below picture.
♡Crush♡- Black., Trevor, Calem, Clemont

Um......... are human/trainer Oc's allowed......??? Because the Oc forms only have info to fill out for a pokemon Oc.

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If i were a Pokémon, it'd be easy!


Name: Who cares anyways? Let's just stick with Remoraid.

Level: 10.

Da moves: Signal Beam, Ice Beam, Octazooka and Hyper Beam.

Bio: Really not much. It'd just be a sneaky little gun shaped fish who starts off with Octazooka, then Signal Beam to confuse and 'cuz it looks pretty cool, then just spam everything.

Gender: Your pick.

Age: What the? 40 minutes, duh!

Appearance: NO! ONE! CARES ABOUT THE APPEARANCE! I... Think...

Ability: Why the drat? Sniper!

Do ya like it? And can you speak in Temy?
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NO!!! and NO!!!
YAs! and NO!!!
NO!!! and YAs!
YAs! and YAs
NO!!! and NO!!!
YAs! and NO!!!
NO!!! and YAs!

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Species: Sableye
Name: Shade
Moveset: Dark Pulse. Heal Pulse (don't ask why XD) Hone Claws. Hidden Power (Rock)
Gender: Male
Bio: Stalks people just to freak them out, throws Pokéballs at people, breaks others' property, doesn't like to battle
Likes: Snuggling, pranking people, scaring people, stealing candy, Halloween, Pokémon contests
Dislikes: Battling, arguing

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Name:Jason Bidasa




Likes:Nothing is clear about this topic


Team:(He has a lot so I'm going to pick his favorite)

Shiny(but he is deformed so all of his red parts are blue)
•fusion bolt
•fusion flare
•Over Heat
Personality:Evil and optimistic

Occupation(Job):Leader of Team Zeta

Bio:He was a a normal child in till he was left by his parents, after that he became corrupted and evil with his partner Victini they run a team called Zeta waiting to unfold there plans (there is a lot more but there is too much to list)

Appearance:it's below, he where's his mask when he is doing "zeta work"
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Zero was walking in the forest looking for the challenge of a lifetime
Zero:hmm looks like the repels worked now we will be safe
victini shakes
Victini:so many
it rains
Zero:that's never a good sign let's walk in that cave over there we got repels right
walks in and sits at the entrance but the repel wore off

1.can you only be Pokemon?
2. if number 1 is yes is there a evil team (such as team rocket)
3. is there gym leaders
4.if 2 is yes may I be the team leader?

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I swear if you read all of the bio then you are an amazing person

Name: Cynder
Gender: Female
Species: Liepard
Age: 21
Level: 77
Item: Razor Claw
-Night Slash
-Thunder Wave
-Aerial Ace
Bio: Cynder was hatched from an egg from a trainer who was shiny hunting. As she wasn't shiny, she was dumped into the P.C. to be left. One day, there was a fire at the daycare where the P.C. where she was being held and where her parents were. The P.C. circuit was broken and she managed to escape, but as far as she knew, she was the only one that did. From then on she wandered the land, bitter from her neglect, angry from the murder of her family, lonely from the fear of trust. Cynder went on, ev training so she could be the best she could be, destroying all who block her path, her moveset created for the specific task of taking people down.
Appearance: pictures below
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